1440 Kearny: View
We’d say if it was simply because of the views. But quite honestly, it’s not. There’s more.
1440 Kearny: Stairs
Like a private elevator if you’d prefer not to take the stairs.
Listing: 1440 Kearny (3/2.5) – $2,850,000 [MLS]

23 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Simply The View(s), And Sometimes It’s Not”
  1. Saw this place hit MLS the other day! Stunning. I’ll have to go see it in person to believe it. I’ll be curious to see what happens with the price though…

  2. a few things;
    1) the photography is phenomenal. The RE agents are finally waking up to the necessity of good photography to get people in the door. Bravo.
    2) is this a single unit or a triplex? I’m confused. On the MLS listing it says “TRIPLEX!”
    Does this mean this is 3 1Br units, or it’s a 3Br place that’s part of a triplex?
    3) the place looks nice. great neighborhood.

  3. Is it a Triplex as the MLS listing states? Is it 3 units or just 1? It looks like just one unit (a very nice one), but I’m used to calling a triplex a building with 3 separate units. Maybe its 3 levels and they got that mixed up? Or maybe a triplex in the bay area means something else.

  4. TRIPLEX means three levels…plex comes from Latin meaning to bond or bring together. It is used on the east coast and in the UK to denote levels, and on the West coast (incorrectly) to distinguish between numbers of units.

  5. Red ceiling in kitchen. Would never think of that. But pretty cool.
    Takes a pretty neutral space and adds some punch.

  6. Great place, perfect in every way, but $1250 psf for a city view, however nice it is, seems like maybe a bit of a stretch.
    If any place can still get that price, this place can.

  7. What’s wrong with a flat panel on the mantle? Our current plasma is on a stand that’s taking up a big chunk of our living room…thinking about mounting the plasma on the mantle to get rid of the stand and make room for a small desk. Seems to be the most convenient location. I’d love to be the type that only reads Gabriel García Márquez by the fireplace…but I do loves me some Amazing Race and Fringe.

  8. What is it with well-photographed listings that do not show the exterior of the building? Do realtors really think that is not important to most people? When I see this increasingly frequent omission, it makes me think that the building must be a dog, and/or its surrounded by dogs.

  9. re: flat panel on the mantle
    It’s too high up and people have to crane their necks to watch TV. The heat from the fireplace might also not be great for the TV.

  10. g – if that much heat is affecting the mantle area then there is a much more serious problem to deal with. Plasma TVs get pretty hot internally all on their own so it would take a rather unusual amount of fireplace heat to cause concern. That much heat would be a problem for anything placed on the mantle whether it be grandma’s old wind up clock or a 52 incher.
    Smoke however is a problem to be concerned about, especially with plasmas (not so much for LCD TVs)

  11. TRIPLEX means three levels…plex comes from Latin meaning to bond or bring together. It is used on the east coast and in the UK to denote levels, and on the West coast (incorrectly) to distinguish between numbers of units.
    Really? In general we would call a 3 floor home a “trilevel” and not a “triplex”. Or I’d just say “3 floors!”.
    I’m from the West coast and now live in Midwest, and have never heard someone call a 3 level home a “triplex”.
    the UK uses different lingo in general. they call apartments “flats” as example
    And to them a “trolley” is a shopping cart, “pants” means underwear and “fannie” means vagina. so I’m not sure I’d use the English words here.
    I’m guessing that they meant “Triplex” how you’re using it (as a trilevel) but it’s confusing to say the least.

  12. Thank you Scott for the correct definition of Triplex. As a neighbor,I viewed this property yesterday and thought that is amazing. Granted, I may be biased having lived in the hood for many years, but when shells in 100+ unit buildings are selling for far north of $2,000 per sq.ft. in SOMA, I do not believe that $1,250 per sq.ft. for an essentially turn-key pad like this with luxury finishes, 2-car parking, a large rear garden, Big Views and it’s own private elevator to all levels is too much.

  13. The photos suggest this is a 3-level home on the same piece of property as two other somewhat similar homes…if it were a SFH there wouldn’t be an HOA, right? It’s not clear to what extent the homes are physically connected, but probably the garden is shared.
    Redfin says it sold in April ’04 for under $2M…so even with renovations, expecting nearly 50% appreciation is quite ambitious.
    Where do you get the $1,250/sf? The place doesn’t look like 2,300sf from the photos. I’d also like to know when it was built.
    It’s just me but I hate the red ceiling and it would be a bitch to paint over. TV in the living room is super declasse, but it looks like over the mantle was the only place to cram it in.

  14. Asking price way too high. Floor looks like sh**. Painting of the skeleton dude on the wall should have been taken off before the house was listed.
    Good luck finding a buyer in this still overpriced market. Here’s an idea: Rent it out to porn companies for the productions in the mean time.

  15. It is my belief that Lex had the correct definition of triplex. In Manhattan they refer to a 3-story property as a triplex. Here it refers to number of units in a multi-unit building. The realtor here was injecting a little attitude into the listing…………..

  16. It would be helpful to have shown the M. bedrm and M. bathroom. Constructive comments are best.
    Hey everyone,save the cheep shots.

  17. After a month on the market asking $2,295,000 (and noting “VERY MOTIVATED!”), a new listing for 1440 Kearny has appeared asking the same. Purchased for $1,995,000 in April of 2004.

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