4419 19th Street: Main Floor
We were first drawn to the decks a little over five months ago when it was priced at $2,535,000. It was two months ago that the asking price was adjusted down to $2,348,000. And as a reader noted this weekend, 4419 19th Street is “back on the market” and asking $1,995,000 (after a one day stint at $2,295,000).
And yes, an official three days on the market according to those industry/agent reports.
∙ Listing: 4419 19th Street (3/3.5) – $1,995,000 [moderncastrohome.com] [MLS]
Drawn To The Decks (But Perhaps Not The Best For Entertaining) [SocketSite]
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17 thoughts on “Still Drawn To The Decks (Amongst Other Things) For A Third Time”
  1. This house is a steal at that price. The developers even installed a home entertainment system in the rec room since it was on last.

  2. I heard recently that the MLS is currently working on fixing the Days On Market thing, so we can get better quality data on the true DOM for a property without having to dig through histories. This will be especially helpful in running higher-level reports. I hope they get it worked out soon.

  3. The developers even installed a home entertainment system in the rec room since it was on last.
    Niiiice. More bangs for less bucks.

  4. I think this is a beautiful property. not sure what its comps are, but I wouldn’t mind living here! Definite Re porn!

  5. This probably is getting closer to where the property should have been listed in the first place. I’d expect to see 1391 Clayton on the major reduction list next. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay almost $3M for a property on such a busy street. And what about the lack of closet space in the master. I guess they are assuming whoever buy that will have about no more than a dozen shirts and pants; and ladies forget about hanging your dresses anywhere in the bedrooms.

  6. Fabulous! The location is hard to beat, roughly similar to Caselli. The views are spectacular. There is room for a quibble here and there, but in part that is because this is such a big place. All those bathrooms! The facade has good Edwardian bones, and all the parts that could use work can probably also use an accessibility excuse which might make changing visible exterior parts a little easier.

  7. You gotta pay extra to be entertained – the media equipment downstairs is not included but can be purchased for an undisclosed price (love product placement)….bedroom closet space is tiny and surprisingly unfinished so you’ll have to drop 15k on CA Closets…..but otherwise, I adore the property.

  8. It’s the funniest thing. A friend of a friend just listed his loft in Soma. His listing agent noticed his 120″ projector tv in the loft and the light went on over their head… So they bought it from him (price unknown) and carted it over from Soma to Castro and installed it in this place.
    The agent said the listing was having trouble selling and it needed something to spice it up… Well I guess a 120″ projector tv could do the trick… Maybe.

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