601 4th Street #PH2: Kitchen

We’re not digging it quite as much as number one, but number two is one of only three penthouses built atop the Heublein Building (601 4th Street), so a mention it gets.

601 4th Street #PH2: Tub

And if you buy it, forget the housewarming. Invite us over for a twilight soak.
∙ Listing: 601 4th Street #PH2 (1/1) – $1,099,000 [brendondesimone.com]

18 thoughts on “Penthouse Number Two Of Three Atop Six Zero One Fourth”
  1. What is a “true loft,” to use your term in the earlier articles about 601 4th. I’m wondering if my place qualifies for your “lofty” definition??
    There’s no square footage on the currently listed penthouse, but they use the word “unique” umpteen times to describe both the property and the potential buyer. Uh-oh, is that a red flag I see?

  2. Would it be rude to show up to the open house purely to inquire about renting this place after it doesn’t sell?

  3. The first thing that caught my attention about this place was the cool rooftop solarium and soaking tub – now that really is something! Then I noticed something missing from the pictures – hmmm, no bedroom photos. The answer – there is no bedroom! Just a Murphy Bed (not shown in any photographs I could see). $1M plus for, as they call it, “The Ultimate Bachelor Pad”, seem like a pretty tough sell in this market… No square footage listed that I could see, either…

  4. Um isnt that roof top deck open to all residents? So if thats the case isnt that tub going to make you a little exposed? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think thats what we heard when PH1 was listed…

  5. I think the tub room is on the roof of the penthouse, not the main roof. So you won’t have privacy issues unless another penthouse has a similar space on the roof (or neighbors across the street have a nice telephoto lens).
    But along with not showing a bedroom as Chris points out, if you look real close at the solarium image you see a bit of white pipe railing behind the tub. That rail is so steep it is obviously not a true stair, but a close to vertical ships ladder. Not the most elegant way to break your neck after a bottle of the bubbly in the tub, but very effective.

  6. That staging looks like an old episode of Trading Spaces. I can’t believe they chose to stage the “bedroom” like an office. Must be for bachelor’s with a limited social life.

  7. $1.1 million? Seriously??? I don’t that that price for this space would have ‘flown’ even 2 years ago.

  8. It’s actually a 4th floor penthouse, but…yeah.
    A friend lived in PH3 in the late ’90s. As much as I like the idea that these are genuine penthouses, unlike 95% of top floor units described as such, there are some real disadvantages to the roof layout. The rocks-covered roof radiates tremendous amounts of heat, it was often stifling out there and in his unit. Also, there was no sheltered path from the elevator to the penthouses, a real inconvenience in wet and windy weather.

  9. I know someone said it already, but I have to say it again… 1.1MM for no bedroom and a Murphy Bed?! What were they thinking!?

  10. There doesn’t appear to be a deed of trust on the property. He either wants (or needs) his money out, which is probably winnings from the dotcom era. Definitely a member of the Coalition of the Willing (set your phasers on stun, shoot to kill).

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