55 Laguna: Map

A reader recently wondered what’s happening with 55 Laguna. The answer, a lawsuit filed by an opponent of the project has been consuming resources and preventing development from moving ahead. According to A.F. Evans, the hope is to have all resolved by the end of the year and back on track.
55 Laguna: Approved On Appeal And In Front Of San Francisco’s BOS [SocketSite]
Supervisor Peskin Engineers An End-Run (And Ending) For 55 Laguna [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “55 Laguna: The Plugged-In (And A.F. Evans) Development Update”
  1. I live in the neighborhood (bought my place last year) and recently got a call from a “concerned” neighbor trying to solicit support for halting the development. She seemed surprised when I said I was in support of the development and to have two whole blocks essentially be abandoned was a blight to the urban renewal taking place

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