After deciding to jointly pitch the development San Francisco’s Seawall 337 last month, the San Francisco Giants and Kenwood Investments requested and received a 30-day extension to submit a new proposal.
And while the new deadline was set for Friday, another extension was requested (60 days) and received (45 days). Their final proposal is now due by November 13.
Once again, scoring of the RFP’s will be based 60% on the Design and Development Program and 40% on the Financial Proposal and will likely take between 90 and 120 days (only now from November).
Giants balk at deadline for lot proposal [San Francisco Examiner]
The Development Of Seawall Lot 337: And Then There Were Three [SocketSite]

One thought on “Joint Giants/Kenwood Proposal For SWL 337 Into Extra Innings”
  1. At this point does Build Inc even have a chance? Did the Giants and Kenwood join forces for financial reasons? Anybody know how strong their balance sheets or debt ratings are these days?

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