1536 Pacific: 9/10/08 (
Once again, the designs and details for the six units rising at 1536 Pacific. And now, the pictorial progress to date (above).
The Community Delivers Once Again: 1536 Pacific Drawings/Details [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    Minus the superior building materials (concrete frame) it looks just like the stucco homes in Outer Sunset. I’ll take a rain check.

  2. Posted by DanRH

    forget materials or the look of the place, to me it’s all about: location, location, location. Great spot – would love to live at this location.

  3. Posted by PPC

    Decent location. These units have been built very, very quickly. If exclusive roof decks to the top units only – could be good.

  4. Posted by DanRH

    Does anyone know pricing / availability? Curious.

  5. Posted by citicritter

    Great!, more lame-ass cliche bay window default design for SF.

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