Radiance Phase I on 7/24/08 (
Since receiving its a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) early the second week of July, a little over one-quarter of the 99 condos that make up the first phase of Radiance at Mission Bay have closed escrow, while another one-quarter are in contract.
List prices for the roughly 45 units that remain range from $649,000 (849 square feet) to $2,549,000 (1,802 square feet). And while prices reductions haven’t officially been advertised, according to our sources there’s definitely room for negotiation (especially on the mid-priced units). And yes, only a handful of net-new contracts since last July.
In addition to the townhouse model unit that opened three months ago, an eighth floor model with big decks and a panoramic bay (and skyline) view is now open as well.
Radiance Phase I: City view from 8th Floor Model (
Some of the nicer hallways we’ve seen in San Francisco throughout the building (if you’re into that kind of thing). And when the wind isn’t howling, a rather nice fourth floor deck.
Radiance Phase I: Deck (
We find the finished product to be nicer than the renderings (although it’s obviously subjective). And do keep in mind that Phase I was never designed to stand alone (see Phase II).
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by sf

    Good job! I really love the Japanese window screen look that can be found on new quality residential projects going up. The touch of color is much needed and makes it less communist bloc looking. I could still do without the grey, but I guess they assume they will save thousands by not having to clean and paint something that already looks naturally dirty.

  2. Posted by hhatmm

    The building is built much better than I expected. View are very very nice on the upper floors. Lucky him or her who has the 5th or 8th floor with the gigantic wrap around balcony. Well I know it won’t be me.
    Bosa did not spare expensive. They installed expensive glass railings on the roof tops which is not accessible! I suspect the added expense is intended to keep the views as open as possible from the 9 story building which overlooks the shorter 5 story building.
    The unit windows are full height with metal panels and are commercial grade $$ not more economical punched windows at the Beacon or Arterra. But then again it is selling to a higher end audience. Unit common doors and common area corridor are finished walnut $$ not oak or maple. AS a standard all units come with wood flooring in the living/dining/kitchen/hall, includes all the window blinds(not common), stove is gas (yes gas $$), big Whirlpool Duet washer & dryers. No argument unit pricing is a premium, but Bosa added a lot of hidden value most people are not aware of.
    Parking spaces are generously wide and the storage is a decent size. Unfortunately, parking and storage is assigned, not deeded, but at least it is better than leased parking.
    I understand there is no doorman but there is full time security person monitoring the project. Who knows if this is permanent or if this is just to protect unsold units from vagrants.
    The drive to the garage is surprisingly pleasant given the wide landscape esplanade. Almost like entering a 4 star resort. This landscaped West side will give you a hint of what this area will be.
    I think the standard ceiling heights are 8’7″, but check out units on the 3rd floor as some of the units are over 11′ high.
    My only criticism is that the building design did not push the artistic envelope. Bosa Vancouver, San Diego and SF looks like brothers and sisters. So will Radiance 2 the huge Bosa development on Block 13. This may end up making Mission Bay east a little monotonous and institutional. The saving grace is all the landscaping and parks that is planned for this area.

  3. Posted by SFReo

    That is a fantastic view from the 8th floor! Radiance must be the only building in San Francisco with a direct site line into the stands at AT&T park.

  4. Posted by wanker

    MMMmm….smell that?
    Is that the smell of the buyer’s equity disappearing or the stench of the Mission Bay channel in summertime?

  5. Posted by anon

    Is it just me or does the rincon tower resemble a big middle finger emerging from the park?

  6. Posted by dissent

    It’s an ugly building.

  7. Posted by anonarch

    Where oh where are the palm trees? It would not be a another page in the book of bubble projects of the last 7 years without dozens of palm trees planted in earnest to change San Francisco into a cross between Rancho Mirage and Kaanapali.
    On a serious note, the windows are well done, but this phase will be dwarfed by the new towers which will change some of the current pleasant characteristics of the design. Just think, Southern Californians have had projects like this for decades and look at this as rather standard condo construction, not “luxury” units.

  8. Posted by Greg

    I think these units look beautiful. But who the hell wants that location? For that price psf, I’d much rather be closer to the Financial District, or the Castro, Fillmore, SOMA, hell, just about anywhere else would be better.

  9. Posted by Zig

    I always thought of palm trees and San Francsico as being ok since when I was a kid my uncle lived on Dolores and my grandfather lived in the Mission right off Mission ST

  10. Posted by peanut gallery

    When are they going to continue work on phase 2?

  11. Posted by SFReo

    The Mission Bay biotech growth continues, Pfizer just signed on for 100,000 sqft in Mission Bay.
    I guess Radiance is their first choice if they want to walk to work.

  12. Posted by hhatmm

    Fillmore, Castro, North Beach, Chestnut are pretty cool areas. I prefer this “desolate” place over the traffic congested and financial district or SOMA. There’s no fighting parking for visitors and homeowners for sure…(except at ball games..even that is only for few hours)
    If you generally like peace and quiet but want City life with some waterfront views, Radiance meets the criteria.
    I’ve been in this area during ballpark days and it looks to be just one block outside of the street closures. Surprisingly, ballpark days aren’t that noisy. Most you hear is stream of cars coming for a short duration. I get more noise from the school across the street where I live by tenfolds. Just curious how it would be during special music events. I believe you can see the fireworks from ATT park from the Radiance.

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