From a plugged-in tipster:

I have it on by a good source that the Archstone Fox Plaza is on the market again. The new owner evidently does not want the Fox Plaza in its portfolio.

The main lobby has been recently remodeled. The Ruth Asawa fountain sculpture was ripped out and redecorated with black river rock; the oxnyx columns covered with dark wood; a retro 1950s carpet.

The “new owner” reference leads us to believe it’s only the first twelve floors of the 29-story building that’s being shopped (i.e., office not residential), unfortunately no update on the 250 condos on the corner (tipsters?), and we’ll now observe a moment of silence for the Asawa (and note the second reference in as many weeks).
UPDATE: Forget the first twelve floors, according to a plugged-in reader: “the whole building is being quietly offered by archstone-smith. 150M.”
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  1. Posted by Ryan

    the whole building is being quietly offered by archstone-smith. 150M.

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