A plugged-in reader in the market for a home at Homes on Esprit Park receives an email from the sales office alluding to some new pricing (“can’t release the pricing via email”) with a request to call.

I just spoke with them, and found that some 855 SqF units have just been released for $549k, well under the $600k they were asking for similars across the courtyard just a few weeks ago when I went on a hard hat tour of the site.

Interested parties (and price guarantee holders) take note (or action).
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6 thoughts on “Reader’s Reports: Homes On Esprit Park Now Starting From $549,000”
  1. Ahhh, so what.
    I am sure there is something in the price guarantee that explained that prices where only guaranteed for condos in the “real” SF.
    The fact that they had to reduce the prices just means these condo’s aren’t part of the “real” SF.
    Those previous buyers should have known they weren’t really buying in SF and expected the price declines.
    Nothing to see here*

  2. The *lack* of comments on SS discussing this additional price reduction may say more about the condo market these days than anything I’ve read here in awhile.

  3. We all know that prices can never fall in SF. So this posting must be a mistake. Hence there is nothing to comment on.

  4. I don’t know about Signature but Pulte builds their houses with something similar to cardboard. I know, I worked near the Glashaus site in Emeryville for a year while it was being built. Cheap materials for a shabby design.
    Esprit Park on the otherhand is built beautifully, just somewhat of a gnarly out of the way neighborhood.

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