900 Minnesota Now (Image Source: SFGate)
900 Minnesota Then
The former Esprit de Corp. headquarters in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood (900 Minnesota) is being “deconstructed” and its lumber recycled (a practice that’s both “environmentally sound as well as lucrative”).
In its place, Build Inc. is developing 142 new condominiums, “a commercial component, a café, 168 inside parking spaces and significant open space.” Prices on the individual condos (one and two bedrooms) have not been set, but back in February they were expected to range from $600,000 to $1,000,000.
And according to a tipster over at Potrero Hill, San Francisco, the condos are “scheduled for delivery [sales] around Spring of 2007 (about 3 months behind right now),” the development is “spread over several buildings (both new and renovated ones),” and units will range from ~800 to 1,700+ square feet.
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5 thoughts on “900 Minnesota: Now And Then”
  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the Dogpatch / Central Waterfront neighborhood. On one hand, there’s a lot of potential given all of the nearby Mission Bay development. On the other hand, the zoning in the area is largely a mix of heavy industrial and residential – a truly odd combination. I will be very interested to see how all the upcoming real estate will be priced.

  2. Amazingly, this building’s timbers are being recycled for the second time. They started life framing a mill up in Placer County, then were recycled into this building in the 70s, and are now heading out to be part of a third building. Apparently each timber is worth over 60 grand.

  3. Must be mistake; Not $60,000! We wish. Rather $6000 would be a maximum value for just a few of the timbers- most are worth a reasonable and affordable #. We plan to use as much as we can in the new buildings. LS

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