1500 Franklin: For Sale
The for sale signs have been hung on 1500 Franklin, home to Keller Williams Realty in San Francisco. And if our tipster is correct, the franchise (in San Francisco) is soon to follow suit (if it hasn’t already).

8 thoughts on “Keller Williams HQ For Sale (1500 Franklin), Franchise To Follow Suit?”
  1. KW going kaput nationally? yowza! (guess he can continue pimping his millionaire investor/RE agent books…)
    [Editor’s Note: Sorry, the tip was in reference to the franchise in San Francisco (not nationally).]

  2. You know as well as I do – many Real Estate Agencys can OPEN and CLOSE quicker then a big top tent at the circus. Right around the corner from my office is a Mortage Co. / (that’s a slash) Real Estate Co. right when their office building was done (Delta Home and Lending?) I noticed a month go by and the operation was closed for business – 1 month. This market is like many others – when its humming along the bottom feeders can play up their images and make good dollars, but when the market tightens up you really have to have a game plan.

  3. though i know nothing about this change (outside of what i read in this post) the loss of this brokerage isn’t quite like the loss of droubi. from my understanding, droubi was not only the company’s name, but it was also the name of the top producing agents within the company. they took their name with them and went corporate/franchise (coldwell banker). i like that the sF pool is shrinkin’…

  4. So what’s the real story? Droubi closed to settle a divorce. This franchise is owned by Tim and Charlene Delany. Are they getting divorced? The pool is hardly shrinking-note that Paragon is expanding to the old Good Guys on Van Ness and Bush. Four floors of agents. Zepheyr is on a recruiting binge.

  5. yeah, that new paragon office is a big one. from my understanding, Zephyr is always hiring. i do think that despite those to very large independent brokerages that the total number of agents in the city is shrinking, but i could be wrong as i can’t seem to find the article i thought i read on the subject matter.

  6. And for the first time in the history of SocketSite, it appears as though a few readers were actually reading too much into the headline (which has since been changed from “Following In The Footsteps Of Droubi…”).

  7. It is easy to read too much into that building picture as well: Maybe all that red ink had something to do with it. Ba-dum-TSH! Someone had to say it.

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