270 Castenada: Living
The listing for 270 Castenada was withdrawn from the MLS yesterday. Perhaps it wasn’t only “too beautiful to describe,” but “too beautiful to price” (or with which to part) as well.
A Peek Inside 270 Castenada (And Now About Those Drawings…) [SocketSite]
Too Beautiful To Describe (Except By The Architect): 270 Castenada [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on “Past Post And Property Update: Listing For 270 Castenada Withdrawn”
  1. not its time in the sun I guess, oh god what a beautiful piece of property. it will age like fine wine I suppose.

  2. On the MLS, it was active contingent for a while, then active, so apparently a deal fell through. Maybe the buyer couldn’t get the 3.9 M mortgage with 0 down 😉

  3. I took a look at this place, because I am in love with both Forest Hill and Julia Morgan architecture. I thought it was nice, but overpriced by about $1M.

  4. This house is the work of Bernard Maybeck, though Julia Morgan worked as an intern for him at one time. (just to correct the record)

  5. The entrance and the great room were amazing. The upstairs layout was not as well designed.
    I heard speculation that the supersized price was because the large lot could potentially be subdivided.

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