616 20th Street (Image Source: MapJack.com)
As best we can tell they’re simply “plans” (i.e., no approvals or permits) to develop the lot.
616 20th Street Plan: Exterior
And as such, these 16 units aren’t part of our pipeline.
616 20th Street Plan: Interior
But the potential (for) development is on our radar along with the rest of the ‘hood.
∙ Listing: 616 20th Street – $2,000,000 [MLS]
SocketSite’s Complete Inventory Index (Cii): Q1 2008 (San Francisco) [SocketSite]

5 thoughts on ““Plans” But No Permits (Or Even Approvals As Best We Can Tell)”
  1. I’m sure any developer looking at this will know better – this whole section south of Mission Bay was originally slated to hold thousands of residential units but I think the area is currently in limbo now. The IPZ/PDR legislation cut off a lot of industrial sites from residential development and it’s my understanding that the whole area is in limbo until the SOMA/Central Waterfront area gets rezoned.

  2. Some of the style and basic structure work for me as modernism, but what ever happened to light wells and other such? Wasn’t “green building” supposed to bring back natural light and air? Designers need to spend less time on facade details and more on getting the floor plans right.

  3. There sure is a lot of window space. What about at night? I can see shades on the wide window panes, but what about the smaller ones?
    They probably thought about that.

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