“Debra Walker, a tenant advocate and artist who was active in the fight against dot-com boom era live-work loft development, lost her position as president of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission on Wednesday, as commissioners appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom voted her out.
The commission voted 4-3 to replace Walker with Frank Lee, a Newsom appointee and the assistant to the director of the city Department of Public Works. The vote divided along lines of commissioners appointed by Newsom and those chosen by Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin.
The commission sets policy for the Building Inspection Department, which enforces building-related and housing codes and issues permits for virtually all construction activity in the city.”
S.F. Building inspection panel’s president out [SFGate]

6 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Get Past The Politics, What’s It Mean For Permitting?”
  1. Thank god she’s gone. She never should have been president to begin with. She’s a hack, and is too tight with the stupid “progressives” in this city who have held up entirely too much development.

  2. Is she the one who has been enforcing Peskin’s directive that no one be allowed to add a garage to an existing resdience? If so, good riddance.

  3. According to comments/rumors of the Chronicle article, she’s being prepped to run for Daly’s job once his term is up. Those of you in the district should take heed.

  4. Debra Walker = Lenin… with less charisma.
    She does have a great shot of winning Daly’s seat as long as she continues his time honored campaign of promising the crack heads and welfare slogs free stuff and cheap housing.

  5. Don’t know if anybody has seen this, but the new Director of Planning just had his “boyfriend” try to burn down the Fire Chief’s residence where they were staying at the request of Mayor Gavin. The historic landmark was saved by firefighters (from next door!), it has all the makings of a true only in San Francisco story, with a bed on fire pushed out to the street, and tomatoe paste rubbed on interior wall surfaces!?!?
    I hope this is not a bad sign for things to come with the new planning director.
    Click on my name for link to article at SFGATE.

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