766 Harrison: Rendering

The ninety-eight (98) “sophisticated” (also referred to as “stylish”) studio apartments that compose 766 Harrison are expected to hit the rental market in five months along with 4,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space (and hope for a cafe tenant).

766 Harrison: Rooftop Patio Rendering

Lots of glass, rooftop patios, and some “stylish” features (concrete countertops and floors, radiant heat, and stainless steel this and that). And as Curbed discovered, interior renderings and an overview are available online.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by bitterrenter

    Just judging from the outside.. I like it!

  2. Posted by spencer

    rent estimates for these studios:
    bottom floor, no view: $1200/mo
    Middle floor, slight view: $1500/mo
    Top floor some view: $1800/mo

  3. Posted by jd

    From the renderings, the interiors look TINY even by NYC standards. Where’s the fridge and stove? Is that a dorm room mini-fridge and tiny 2 burner that I see? Sorry, but they would have to pay me to live in something that small. From the renderings, it looks like it is being set up to be a pied-a-terre and not a real full time residence.

  4. Posted by me

    DAAMMN the interiors look tiny and depressing. Back in 2003 I paid only $825 for a studio with a full eat in kitchen and walk in closet in the Japantown/ Pac Heights area. But for these, and Starting at $1200.. this city is criminal !

  5. Posted by g

    I like it. At the very least it’s a million times better looking than the SOMA Grand.

  6. Posted by 1976

    I’ve lived in this size space before and for some lifestyles it works perfectly. This place just needs a murphy bed IMO.

  7. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    I have never seen a city that is so obsessed with pied-a-terre’s as SF.
    No wonder REAL apts and condo’s are so expensive, half (okay not half but you get the idea) the RE stock in SF is only designed to be lived in part time.

  8. Posted by Live Smart

    Why make them all tiny studios that look like dorm rooms? Why not have more functional 1 or 2 bdrm apartments and less studios? Think about all that loss of space due to each studio having a fridge, stove top, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom. Seems like such a waste of money.

  9. Posted by Freeway hater

    I like their map of SOMA much more than the real thing – notice how a certain freeway is conspicuously absent…

  10. Posted by anonconfused

    How is one going to feel in the future when your college dorm room is more spacious than your $1,500 a month studio after you graduate? I like the exterior however.

  11. Posted by Dan

    Living small doesn’t appeal to some on Socketsite, but units like this will appeal to others. Some people want to live by themselves, want to live in new construction, and want to live in this area, but can’t afford the rent on a 1 bedroom. For a programmer or engineer just out of school, who mostly lives at work, a studio apartment is fine. It’s bigger than the cubicles they live in during the day.

  12. Posted by dub dub

    You’d better hope there’s a parking garage tenant too! Surely you will need a vehicle to drive to your permanent residence in the east/south bay 🙂

    Fortunately, according to the rendering, the parking on Harrison is great (but isn’t it one-way there)?

  13. Posted by etslee

    College dorm style studios next to Whole Foods? Someone is targeting rich Academy of Art students.

  14. Posted by Michael

    I am all for living small, but not ugly. In this case beauty is only skin deep.
    I think etslee might be on to something.

  15. Posted by mememe

    Wow, these really remind you of dorm rooms? What school did you all go to ??? I went to USF and the room and board fees came out to probably about $2,000 month.. these look sweet! Freakin Academy Students always get the best real estate in the city just handed to them.

  16. Posted by bgelldawg

    This reminds me of the studio condo at 1234 Howard. Did anyone ever buy it?

  17. Posted by Dawg checker

    To answer your first question – yes, it sold.
    To answer your second question – no, no one bought it.

  18. Posted by Zig

    It nice to see someone building rental housing
    My thoughts on the interior is they could do a lot better with the design to truly make these efficiencies with a loft bed perhaps and things like that
    Prices seems silly high to me.

  19. Posted by caliston

    Guys, Spencer was ­facetiously guessing at the rental rate. There has been no announcement in regards to pricing. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  20. Posted by spencer

    yes, i was guessing and asking other people to guess as well. I actually thought people would tell me im lowballing. some of you are even cheaper than me

  21. Posted by curmudgeon

    It’s great to have some diversity in the marketplace. Time will tell what the market rate will be, but logic would suggest it will be at the low end of downtown new construction pricing, given the size of the units. This is indeed a classy SRO. Some people are perfectly happy with this size unit as an alternative, at least for some stage of their lives. It’s a pity that the market has not generally been able to deliver it…I wish the developers well on this one.

  22. Posted by spencer watcher

    Cue spencer telling us how this is an extremely dangerous neighborhod and how his 4000 square foot place in Pac Heights only costs $500 a month.

  23. Posted by EH

    The rendering makes it look a little like Habitat 67 in Montreal.

  24. Posted by krassel

    i love how they highlight an amenity as being passively vented rooms via a z-duct. ohh wow you mean you followed the building code. geez you really shouldn’t have.

  25. Posted by hj o'connor

    so tiny. do the windows open? i always thought the terminology was this: studio: has a full kitchen in its own room, full bath, efficiency: kitchenette along a wall, full bath.

  26. Posted by urbanmonkey

    They look like really nice long stay, corporate apartments.

  27. Posted by Mark Choey

    Actually, these will not be rentals, but be sold as condos!

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