“San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin made a series of harassing telephone calls to officials at the Port of San Francisco and threatened to eliminate their jobs and cut funding to the agency because staff members disagreed with him over building-height limits on the city’s waterfront, the port director said in a letter obtained by The Chronicle.”
“The dispute between Peskin, who represents North Beach, and port officials involved parcels of land along the Embarcadero on the city’s northeastern waterfront. A bill sponsored by state Sen. Carole Migden at the request of Newsom’s office would have allowed the financially struggling port to build lucrative developments on those lots.
But Peskin and many of his Telegraph Hill constituents, whose homes look down on the Embarcadero, wanted to make sure the Migden legislation would ensure that any buildings erected on the port property would meet local height restrictions and would be no taller than 40 feet. But port officials objected to that.
The bill ultimately became law, but the lots in dispute were cut out of the final version, meaning the fight over building requirements for the parcels is bound to resurface.”
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  1. These idiotic BOS folks astound me every day. No wonder why our city progresses for the better at a snail’s pace.

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