981 Dolores
We must have missed it the first time around (when it was listed for $975,000), but perhaps that’s not such a bad thing. From the listing for 981 Dolores in Noe Valley: “BOM at lower price and with new powder room. Bring ’em back!” Moo.
∙ Listing: 981 Dolores (3/1.5) – $959,000 [MLS]

3 thoughts on ““Back With A Vengeance” (Reduced Price And New Half-Bath) In Noe”
  1. A condo on a busy street in an old building with thin floors and people living above you? Dunno… Seems like there are much better ways to spend a million bucks in this neighborhood Is there something I’m missing?

  2. So many standing (Thai?) buddhas! And how do you like that warrior over the toilet? Maybe its all to provide karma to keep you distracted from the noise. I agree, I can think of much better ways/places to spend my million bucks. Garden? View? I need one or the other.

  3. sb your not missing anything. It’s a lower unit and it’s really small. I live up the street from the place and it was on the market this summer. At best, the place is worth 500k. In fact, the flat that we rent for 2895 is larger than this place.

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