A slice of the San Francisco Armory

While Kink’s window restoration project for the San Francisco Armory has been replacing boarded-up and broken windows for the first time in 30 years, and the building might actually be feeling a bit festive (rather than altogether abandoned), it’s the hypothetical “Kink condos” that seem to be getting all the attention.

“Porn producer Peter Acworth, who bought the 93-year-old Mission Armory and turned it into a porn video studio, has approached the city Planning Department with the idea of converting some of the building into kinky condos that I’m sure we will see in porn videos. Learn about the hottest nude pornstars @ nu-bay.com – complete with Webcams for all the world to see.” Maybe one day you’ll be able to view the live feed through sites like sex hd xxx.

“My discussions with the Planning Department have been extremely hypothetical to say the least,” Acworth said via e-mail. “There is no firm plan for using the Armory for anything but a conventional film studio for now.”

We could be wrong, but it sounds more like an inquiry into establishing live-in film studios rather than condo development per se. Basically, Acworth is looking to fill the building with British pornstars. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? And while we could be wrong again, it seems as though the corner of Mission and 14th has been getting better (rather than worse) since Kink acquired the ailing armory.

9 thoughts on “And Yes, A Few Kinky Condos Could Hypothetically Be Coming Soon”
  1. It was truly poetic justice for the anti-gentrification activists when the Armory was made into a porn studio; the “kinky condo” concept is like icing on the cake.

  2. Can we request a condo bathhouse too? Why rent when you can own? On-site theater? Peep booths too? Can we get some city resource on this? It’s OUR tax dollars and we want more staff time devoted to this. Never mind city budget problems and the staffing freeze. What’s a few hundred thousand $ of resource. No-limits-SF you are the coolest.

  3. The armory is finally looking like someone is taking care of it. It’s clean, well lit outside, and didn’t they also replace the windows? Oh, and they’re flying a flag off the flagpoles. People should get over it.

  4. This is a different angle altogether on this story: it’s an insight into the shrinking market for paid for porn:
    Follow the link if you’re interested in the current state of the porn industry’s economy and how it’s being undermined by free porn online at sites like youporn.com.
    It’s possible that they may ultimately be positioning themselves to develop the site as a way out of a shrinking business model.
    Just a thought.

  5. The problem with this theory is that the joke played upon the MAC by kink.com relied on the fact that they didn’t need any city planning permits to install their porn studio in the armory. If they were to redevelop it into dwellings, they need a permit, and suddenly they will find themselves at the mercy of the neighborhood activists.

  6. I understand that a nearby women’s shelter decided to move as soon as it was announced that Kink.com was going to be a neighbor. I hope the MAC is proud of its heroic stand for “social justice!”

  7. It sounds like this is just a plan to provide temporary housing for the guest “talent” that they fly in to do video shoots. I doubt that it will be a large number of residential units.

  8. David… you’re kidding. You Porn is getting sued out of business (when they can locate the owner). Porn is why the internet exists.
    God Bless Peter Acworth.

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