4924 17th Street: Master Bedroom

We’re not sold on the glowing powder room counter, but once again we do find ourselves quite smitten with all those big doors, at least one big view out the back, and a master bedroom (above) that we might never want to leave. Oh, and a rear exterior (below) that’s actually as fine as the front.

492 17th Street: Rear Exterior
∙ Listing: 4924 17th Street (3/3.5) – $3,600,000 [MLS]

23 thoughts on “A Rear That’s Actually As Fine As The Front (4924 17th Street)”
  1. Beautiful, but doesn’t the price seem high for a house on 17th Street? The balconies in front will have a good view of the through traffic.

  2. I love the realtor’s tag line:
    “Attention Pacific Heights Buyers this is the home you have been waiting for.”

  3. I’m amazed at how many times I walk through a newly renovated home that oozes curb appeal only to find myself in the back yard – which is where I would be spending much of my time – staring at a horrendously ugly back of the house. I’m loving this one.

  4. Not sure about “cold”. I think of this location as “vigorous”. Jump up and down a little or maybe … wear leather? The architecture is good, the grounds are tasteful, the location is awseome and is both close to Castro and not far from the Haight. The market is having a bad hair day right now, but I bet this will fly at that price so easily they might wish they’d asked for more.

  5. I hope it flies because we have something of similar quality in the area coming out soon. However, $3.6M is above the historical ceiling for 5-E properties, and 17th is a very busy street. They don’t have the downtown view either, just the northward view. Can’t wait to see it. It has got to be awesome if they are asking this sort of price.

  6. “The market is having a bad hair day right now”.
    Good one Mole Man.
    Nice house! It is shown as built in 2002? Is this the permit date or completion date (which would make this a remodel?) ?

  7. 23 Belmont is a pretty good comp for this. Asking 2.6 and sold for 2.9. This will sell around asking in my opinion.

  8. The highest any sfr has ever sold for in the area is $3.5M, and that was an anomaly — the big yellow house on Stanyan that was priced at $2.85 or something. Second place goes to the Edgewood property with the in-ground heated pool with views of downtown that went for $3.47M. Both of those were last year, or earlier. Make no mistake, this one had better be pretty doggone special. And sight unseen, nobody can call it.

  9. When I eagerly approached 4924 17th Street this afternoon, the first thing I noticed were the handsome limestone entry stairs, and I said to my companion, “This is going to be a ‘WOW’ house.” And it certainly didn’t disappoint! It is an exquisite house, with extraordinary attention to detail and a gracious, voluminous open floor plan. The glowing powder room vanity counter is, if my memory–and memory of stone–serves me, translucent white onyx, while the floor is a subtle multi-colored onyx that is one of the most gorgeous floors you will ever see–truly a jewel box. Everything in the house is done with the highest taste levels imaginable. Spectacular limestone floors on the main floor tie it all together. It’s on the very last block of 17th street, surrounded by the leafy Cole Valley/ Clarendon Heights confluence. It could be on the shoulder of 280 and it would hardly matter–once inside, it’s all about quality and luxury. The deck and garden are a paradise anyone would be happy to bask–or entertain–in; some stylish heat source and it’s usable year-round. Its price point may be on the upper end for the area, but in my 21 years in SF real estate, it ranks as one of the finest houses I’ve seen anywhere in the city. Just magnificent!

  10. Who was the design team and contractor? This property is even better in person and they did an excellent job.

  11. Beautiful finishes and detailing throughout, but curiously the upper level floors are some kind of raw pine and do not flow with the rest of this house. They would be more at home with a barn or very rustic dwelling.

  12. I thought the unfinished pine flooring was jarring as well. And the first floor was travertine, was it not? The kitchen was lovely, with white granite counters. Why they didn’t burnish the Wolf range, I don’t know. it showed signs of use. But hey, it’s Wolf, and obviously it functions! The floorplan was contemporary and nice. For a property of this quality, I would want some sort of foyer type room before entering directly into the dining room, but hey, that’s me.
    The informal living room downstairs was great, opening right into a very lovely backyard. As mentioned, the rear of the house is charming. The refrigerated wine closet was off the charts cool. And so was the media room. Nice flexibility.
    Upstairs, a critique. Though the master sweet is awesome and its window frames the Golden Gate Bridge nicely, do you really want the second flight of stairs to enter directly into the boudoir? I wouldn’t. The master bath was super cool. The other bedrooms were nice as well. Again tho, white pine? I’d have preferred carpet. Seriously, carpet is underrated for second floors. It’s quiet and warm. Oh well.
    All told I give it an 8. A nine out of 10 for execution, the only marks against it being the lack of a foyer and the white pine flooring. I also detract a point for claiming 3600 ft. No freaking way is that place 3600 feet. Did they include the garage or something? Or not discount walls and stairs? That was odd.

  13. They actually claim 3700, at 3.6M. My bad. so yeah, that, the stairs into the bedroom, no foyer, and the pine flooring. Otherwise, execution wise, nearly perfect. Very smart.

  14. This beautiful home is worth every penny they are asking. It is rare to find a home that is sophisticated, & built with quality and thought.
    The pine floor gives it special personality. Don’t forget the beautiful room downstairs is which is part of footage. I give it a 10

  15. We counted 12 2*2 travertine tiles on the first floor. That’s 24. 24 * 60 for one floor = 1440. Double that. That’s 2880. Add the downstairs room. I’ll generously call it 800 sq ft. There’s your ~3700.
    But guess what? In that number there is no discounting of interior walls, and no ratio for stairs. Hey, the tax records say 3700. Fine. But how they got whoever to sign off on that, I do not know.

  16. Well, it flew out the door. 12 days later and it’s “pending” at $3.6M. Wow. I really thought they made a mistake by overpricing. $3.6M … in 12 days. So they at least got asking, right? On 17th street! It’s a beautiful home. But wow.
    (and no can do, Sorbet, I’m not gonna advertise on this website.)

  17. Well, I couldn’t even get a bid submitted. Looks like the fix was in. Too bad for the seller.
    So, in preparation for the next time, I’d like advice on how to actually approach a property like this. Bribes (whoops, I mean, incentives) to the selling agent?
    There’s something very wrong with the agent incentives (both for buyer and seller) in the real estate market.

  18. That’s too bad. Yeah sometimes taking offers quickly isn’t the smartest move. Then again the pricepoint was quite speculative … they were likely both happy and somewhat surprised they got at, near or above asking so soon. So they pounced on it.
    Not sure what you mean by agent incentives. I didn’t see any sort of sliding scale. It was a flat 2.5% commission the buyer’s agent. Don’t get me wrong 2.5% of $3.6M is a heck of an incentive in and of itself. Seems like the agent did well for her clients, tho. Again, this is 100K higher than anything in the area has ever gone for on a rather busy street.
    Sorbet, stay tuned to the area in question! That’s probably about all I can ethically say on here, not being a paid advertiser. (I will email the webmaster to ask if it’s OK to send you a private email. If you could do same, then I can clew you in.)
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