204 Therese: 'Office Nook'
Okay, to be fair the photo caption in the listing does read “[s]torage or bonus nook on lower level.” But then again, it’s also referenced and staged as an “office nook.” And as a plugged-in tipster known as “yorkie” writes: “I don’t know if it’s simply a combination of bad composition, wide angle lens and a door that goes up to the ceiling, but holy crap. Looks like something out of “Being John Malkovich.”
Or as Craig Schwartz might say, “there’s a tiny door in my office….”
Listing: 204 Theresa (2/1) – $619,000 [204theresa.com]

7 thoughts on “You Might Want To Check The Disclosures For Any Mention Of A Portal”
  1. Mini-me, you complete me!
    “…delightful Mission Terrace home! Situated on a desirable block on one-way Theresa St. giving it a very private feel.”
    …time for a walk-by…

  2. Careful Emmett – I’m guessing the wormhole behind that door deposits you along the stack interchange in West Oakland. You may want to have a car waiting there before your tour.
    Seems like a reasonable value….although PropertyShark shows some action in April for undisclosed amounts. That and the price makes me wonder if this isn’t a short sale?

  3. What’s with that floor? I mean _besides_ being 4 feet too high. It looks like charming unsanded particleboard.

  4. No Alice in Wonderland references yet?
    The exterior of the home is very … odd. Completely disjointed — almost like parts were slapped on with no regard to the rest of the structure. Very odd, indeed.

  5. Ok, first of all why on earth does a 2800 sq ft house only have 1 bathroom, and a small one at that? And personally, I think the word “nook” should be used very carefully in home descriptions. It invokes an image of a space where dust bunnies congregate and hatch secret plots for world domination, especially when there isn’t an available ‘cranny’ to use ;-).

  6. sfarmls.com says structure is 1000 sq ft. This looks like a “Winchester Mystery Cottage”, with rooms added on – or rather, “disjointedly slapped on” – over the years. It would interesting to see if sq footage matches tax records, as they say.
    One yellow flag is “Built in 1908”. That could mean (1) It was the first structure ever built on this lot in 1908; (2) The original pre-1906 structure still part of this building, but records burned with city hall; (3) There was another structure here before 1906 and something seismically bad happened to it. It would be reassuring if the adjacent homes pre-dated 1906.
    I couldn’t tell from the pictures, is the bathroom done in periwinkle or loden?
    Dude, West Oakland would be better than being in the portal after midnight!

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