158 Castro
As much as we like modern, we do have a soft spot for well kept Victorians as well. “Offers welcomed on Monday September 17, 2007” (although “Seller reserves the right to accept a pre-emptive offer”). And yes, the kitchen could benefit from a makeover.
∙ Listing: 158 Castro Street (3/2) – $1,449,000 [] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Lori

    Bravo! Very well done.
    My only nitpicky comment is that I hate it when kitchen cabinets don’t have hardware on them. It makes them feel unfinished to me.

  2. Posted by bonny

    the decor is nice, but all the rooms look very small, esp the common areas. does this really look like 1800sf? would like to knock down a wall

  3. Posted by AnonN

    ” . . . does this really look like 1800sf? would like to knock down a wall”
    Bonny, if you look closely, you can see where the wall between the living and dining area has already been removed. Can’t see the need for other structural modifications.
    But would agree with Lori on the benefits of kitchen cabinet hardware.
    And would disagree with the editor on the perceived need for a kitchen makeover. Just because the appliances aren’t all the all too familar stainless steel (So over it — please tell me what’s next; we really need to move on!!!) doesn’t mean the place needs a makeover.

  4. Posted by Gregory Scanlon

    I don’t get the comments about kitchen cabinet knobs. As long as they are easy to open, knobless looks less cluttered.

  5. Posted by AnonN

    “. . . knobless looks less cluttered.”
    Gregory, from a design perspective, gotta agree with you there. But I can tell you from living without the hardware — builders choice, not mine, that real wood cabinets quickly show wear where human hands touch them to open and close the doors and drawers. So when I refinish, I’ll be installing hardware to mitigate future wear and tear.

  6. Posted by Sam

    “…does it really look like 1800sf?”
    attended the twilight and was surpirsed how spacious. the celiings are very high which makes the pics misleading.
    now to knob or not…that is the question?

  7. Posted by nativewhomanagedtostaythankgod

    My only concern would be that is a very traffic heavy section of Castro street. Not to mention with CPMC right up the street, the noise from ambulance sirens might get annoying.

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