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According to the San Francisco Business Times, a “blue-ribbon panel on the future of San Francisco’s cruise ship industry” (“led by former Port Commissioner Frankie Lee and Chamber of Commerce President Steve Falk”) agrees with what Frederick noted back in April: San Francisco’s new cruise ship terminal will likely dock on Pier 27.
And yes, it’s a definite boost for the proposed development of Piers 27-31 (now in the hands of Shorenstein Properties).
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  1. Posted by Deborah

    Glad to see they’re doing something about accomodating the significant increase in cruise ship traffic. May and September are the biggest cruise months of the year and ships visiting San Francisco have more than doubled (I think) in the last year. In fact, earlier this week there was a line of 10 cruise ships waiting to dock. There was a piece on channel 5 the other night that showed the terminal the cruise ships dock into now and I was embarrassed for our city!

  2. Posted by Scott

    I’m just wondering if the board of supervisors will require all cruise ships that dock in SF to make a certain percentage of their rooms “affordable.”

  3. Posted by Sal

    Cruise ships dock at the cruise ship terminal at Pier 35 these days. When that pier’s booked, they dock at either Pier 27 or Piers 30/32 or elsewhere, if all three are booked.
    Ten ships waiting to dock? Well, we didn’t see that but we saw FIVE mega cruise ships docked at Piers 35, 27 and 30/32 in a two day period this week.
    They dock, let off the tourists to SPENDSPENDSPEND and then leave, all within twenty-four hours. This week, luckily, the weather was sunny and balmy for the tourists.
    We watched the Port dredge Pier 27 a while back and wondered why, then watched as alzasudden ships came in whenever Pier 35 was already occupied instead of going down to Piers 30/32.
    The Queen Mary 2 docked at Pier 27 when she was in town because that was the only pier that would accommodate her.
    Makes sense money-wise and location-wise to put the cruise ship terminal at Pier 27 rather than down at Piers 30-32. I know that makes the neighbors worry about traffic on the Embarcadero. Still. …

  4. Posted by marc

    Yet another megaproject that nobody asked for but which refuses to die after, what, 10 years of boosterism. Let’s load up our economy on monoculture of tourism because economic diversity is for suckers and the tourism industry never, ever tanks.

  5. Posted by anonSF

    Let’s load up our economy on monoculture of tourism because economic diversity is for suckers and the tourism industry never, ever tanks.
    Got that right! We need more bicycle messengers and car repair shops! That’s the backbone of a modern economy!

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