Piers 27-31
We’d like to believe that we’re such a force in San Francisco that we were singled out as recipients of a very nice voicemail asking us to take a look at the Stop Pier 39 website. But damn, that message sounded suspiciously like a script. Good thing we’re pushovers. From the site:

The waterfront should be more than a playground for tourists — it should be a resource for every San Francisco family. But a powerful group of business interests is trying to stop a vitally needed recreation and open space project at Piers 27-31.
Piers 27-31 will create Transit First transportation alternatives, including the purchase of additional historic streetcars. It will provide new pedestrian and bicycle routes and will include the largest free City CarShare pod in San Francisco.

Kind of reminds us of West Coast version of NYC’s Chelsea Piers (which rocks, and which we miss). And as we assume that this is just one group of “powerful business interests” pointing fingers at another, we weren’t going to take sides. But what the hell…go Piers 27-31!
Piers 27-31: Overview and Background