67 Belcher

It’s another one of a kind property in San Francisco that the minority will be able to afford, but the majority might enjoy perusing (for one reason or another). And yes, it officially hits the market later this week. The full SocketSite scoop and overview on 67-69 Belcher this Friday (after we’ve had a chance to take a peek).

16 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Another One Of A Kind Property In San Francisco”
  1. Looks interesting – I am curious and its def goign to be out of $ for me, but I cant do Belcher. Maybe if I could rally the neighbors to change it to Bel Cher. Otherwise – What a gas.

  2. I’m almost sure this will be my dream place, lots of open space, interesting building conversion, industrial details, great neighborhood (I live currently around the corner on 14th Street). I’m also equally sure it will be way out of my (and most mortals) price range. What are the guesses – 3 million? more?

  3. oh wow, i’ve actually been to a party here once, packed with people. it was as fantastic as it looks in this one picture. if i remember correctly, there’s a huge master bedroom, an open bath area, a library, and a private s&m room tucked away in the back. also, a gangway that leads outdoors to an upper wrap-around terrace with stairs down to an open patio, with a separate zen mediation room/office/guest room? in the back corner. but 6.9 million? i can think of other places i’d rather have for that amount!

  4. there is no view whatsoever, the entire building is enclosed in its own high wall. there’s a courtyard i guess you could call it, walls have got to be at least 14 feet high? when i say no view, i mean no external windows.
    at least that’s what it appears – i’ve only seen it from the outside.

  5. 67 Belcher is the residence that is shown in the photo – really incredible space. 69 Belcher is the other half of the warehouse building, which is broken up into artists studios. I don’t know how it works, but I believe that the owner of the building rents the spaces out. It has gone through a sale before and the artist’s side remained artist’s studios, so we shouldn’t get negative about that yet.
    That being said, in about ’97-’98, three of my friends and I went to an open house for this building. The three of them were buying a house together. We had a great time dreaming about living in the loft side (which had a marble clad bathroom where you and your closest 30 friends could shower). They could not afford the place 🙁
    I just conferred with one on our memory of the 1990s price and we agreed. It was $1.5 million.
    The difference that 10 years makes = $5.4 million

  6. I will be pleased – but extremely surprised – if someone drops almost $7 million on this place and decides they want to continue renting out half of the complex for rents that artists can afford.

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