732 Guerrero
Yes, it’s a TIC. No, we don’t have any insight into any eviction history or other possible barriers to condo conversion. And as usual, we can’t help but point out that 732 Guerrero is just down the street from Tartine (mmm…muesli, morning buns, and mochas).
∙ Listing: 732 Guerrero (2/1) – $769,000 (TIC) [MLS]

7 thoughts on “Mmm…Muesli, Morning Buns And Mochas (Just Down The Street)”
  1. Friends of mine that have street-facing apartments on Guerrero complain it feels like they live on a freeway. I imagine is isn’t as bad as parts of Fell, Oak, Franklin, and Gough, but still.

  2. I just saw this unit. It’s ridiculously loud, totally overpriced for the area, and has almost no closet space in the bedrooms.

  3. All the square rugs in the living room are driving me bunkers! It’s too busy and makes the space looks small. I do like that large mirror leaning against the wall to reflect more lights into the room.

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