2588 Pine Street
No particular story. Just another nice “signature” San Francisco facade that’s up for sale.
∙ Listing: 2588 Pine Street (3/3) – $2,495,000 [MLS]

18 thoughts on “Another Signature San Francisco Façade That’s For Sale (2588 Pine)”
  1. Nice facade, as are the others on the block. But I was distressed to see a pile of mattresses dumped across the street yesterday. Even the best SF neighborhoods are turning into junk yards these days. ;-(

  2. Any thoughts on the price at $871/ft? I know Pine has been strong lately, but consider 1800 block of Laguna on which two significantly larger and stand-alone homes sold in April 2006 for $700-725/ft. This is a much better block – perhaps the finest in lower Pac Hts – closer to Fillmore and North/South.

  3. ^ Well, not really. The projects on Scott are about 8 blocks away. This section of Pine is actually quite nice and well kept. Of course, it’s a very, very busy street, but it is lined with large, flowering trees and is just three blocks from both Alta Plaza and Fillmore St. It’s not really Pacific Heights, however, and I think 2.5 may be a bit high depending on the condition of the house. The property next door sold in 04 for around 2.2.

  4. Sleepiguy, do you prefer west of Fillmore because you like being lower on the hill and closer to the projects? Or is it just the allure of tree-lined blocks? 🙂

  5. I don’t really see how that part of Pine is closer to the projects as opposed to that part of Laguna which is just 5 blocks from the Plaza East Projects where that man was killed earlier this year during gang wars near Jefferson square.

  6. Sleepiguy, this house is three blocks from Lafayette Park, not Alta Plaza – that’s on the other side of Fillmore.

  7. Sleepiguy, maybe we’re just splitting semantic hairs, but what do you call those building on Sutter & Broderick?

  8. My point ultimately was that all houses along Pine and Bush in “lower Pacific Heights” are equidistant from various housing projects south of Geary. Some housing projects are just more violent than others… Take a look at the post on the Eddy/Buchanan homes.

  9. Looked at this yesterday – beautiful on the outside but oh so 1990’s on the inside! I don’t get the backyard at all, I guess it’s an art garden? The house is big – high ceilings – but otherwise the Victorian charm is just not there.

  10. AJ – I live in this ‘hood’. I park on the street but have never had my car broken into unlike in Cow Hollow where my windows have been smashed and my car looted, and my friends are now afraid to go out alone at night on account of all the recent muggings, assaults and gun play. I’ve NEVER felt unsafe over here. Not once.

  11. The front and rear of the property is really attractive – unfortunately this is not reflected inside – too clinical especially the kitchen – is there any need to overdo the white?

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