Lorax Development: 22nd and Valencia

Another “Green” building by LORAX Development (and design by John Maniscalco) is about to hit the market. This time it’s the long awaited condo development at 22nd and Valencia.

Two of our favorite green features: a “living roof” and “siding from reclaimed olive oil barrels.” And yes, pricing and photos when we have them.

15 thoughts on “Going Green (And Modern) In The Mission: 22nd And Valencia”
  1. I may be alone on this but when I see a central address close to BART like that, I can’t help but wonder if they couldn’t at least build even a couple floors higher.

  2. Egads Timosha! Are you advocating the Manhattanization of the Mission? Think of the lost views! Think of the blue collar industrial jobs lost! Think of the gentrification! For heaven’s sake, think of the children!

  3. Brutus – I was thinking the same thing. I’m always amazed to find market-rate condo developments in the Mission that somehow get approved and built. Do they get through because they’re not on industrially-zoned land, or because they’re small enough that the MAC doesn’t feel like fighting them? One way or another, I’m pleased to see that the Mission hasn’t been *entirely* frozen in time, no mattter how much the regressive/progressives would like it that way.

  4. Nice project. Nice neighborhood scale. Attractive design. Am I looking at a project in San Francisco?

  5. These units are probably going to go for over list price…
    found out that the lower unit with deck is tentatively priced at $899K, the middle unit is $849K and the upper level (2 story) unit over $1.0M…too bad out of my price range (without the bidding!)
    just beautiful use of materials… wish more housing was done this way.

  6. I agree. Nice design and materials. There should be dozens and dozens of these type of projects going up in the city. Everybody does not want to live in a glass tower, and the scale and design of this structure would be far more appropriate for neighborhoods that could use more infill housing, especially the Western side of the city.

  7. “Everybody does not want to live in a glass tower”. That’s correct. In particular since automatic gun fire and glass towers don’t go together too well. Bullets are absorbed much better by plywood. Over 1 Mill. Knock yourself out people. LOL

  8. Where else could you build something out of garbage (in a “sub-optimal” area, nonetheless) and have people line up to bid $1 million+ for it. I can’t pay this much, but maybe I borrow somebody else’s credit score to qualify for a loan I can’t afford, and then sell some equity upside in it to get cash back for a Range Rover…er, I mean Prius Hybrid. Only in San Francisco.

  9. 22nd and Valencia is actually a very nice location– neither “sub-optimal” nor particularly dangerous.

  10. “22nd and Valencia is actually a very nice location” Too close to gang turf for 1+ Mill for a CONDO. Get serious.

  11. Hmm… so approx what location (street boundaries) are the gang turf areas in the Inner Mission area?

  12. If you spend any time in the Mission, you know that Valencia Street already *is* gentrified, and Valencia and 22nd St is much more appealing to many people (including myself) than say, the Marina.
    It’s not that far from Valencia St. to parts of the Mission that are rougher, but that’s life in the City. Fortunately, these units include parking, as I have more concern for the safety of my vehicle than I do for personal safety in the Mission.

  13. I’ve happily lived in the mission 18 years, I watched that building go up from a run down “used car lot”. Very happy with it, wish I had the 1+million to buy that top unit as it looks great from the ground. It’s unfortunate that someone with roots in the neighborhood, a well paying career, and a family cannot afford to appreciate a building like that outside of ravioli at Lucca.
    As far as the crime is concerened, for 13 years we lived on Bartlett street. In those 13 years we were mugged 1 time, and that was during the dot com, AND during a time where if you were perceptive in the neighborhood you could notice that there was a new gang that had moved onto Mission street and was looking to prove itself.
    I have NEVER (even after that incident) felt unsafe in my own neighborhood. Now that doesn’t mean I would be naive and not keep my ears and eyes perked up, but that is life in any big (or small) city.
    Get over the north vs. south vs. east vs. west mentality of this city. Size compresses the good mediocre, and bad neighborhoods right together.

  14. This is a nice building advocating some “green building” practices without seemingly trying to totally green wash aka the 2007 Sunset Idea house.
    I’ve lived and owned in the mission for 15 years and I’ve never felt afraid. I don’t lock the doors to my house or my car! I walk the streets late at night. safety is a perception…..and very often, tied to the color of skin of the people surrounding you. Many people just don’t want to deal with that fact.

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