10 Hastings: Wine Room
After nearly a year on the market, and reductions of $1,755,000 (14.9%), the listing for 10 Hastings has been withdrawn from the market (last listed at $9,995,000). And as you might recall, it was five months ago that the seller proffered the following: “If we are not successful at selling this at a price that we wish … we’ll just move into it.”
And no, we’re not holding our breath for an invitation to the housewarming. Although it would be nice. And we would bring a nice bottle of wine for the cellar.
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2 thoughts on “Are The Petruzzelli’s Coming To Russian Hill (And 10 Hastings)?”
  1. wow, too bad it didn’t sell. I went to the open house and it wasn’t that bad. yes it did have a weird entrance on an alley and lots of stairs, but it wasn’t that bad. Oh well. but anyway i would rather live in pacific heights than Russian hill…….

  2. OK, maybe just a little schadenfreude. My guess is that this is back on the market within 6mo, different agent, $8.5M.

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