10 Hastings Terrace
We’re still trying to figure out how this house can possibly be “discreetly” poised anywhere. (Then again, have you ever noticed it before?) And while we’re really not so keen on the architecture, you can’t beat the vistas, light, and outdoor space. Oh, and the “climate controlled wine storage room with tasting area [and] capacity for approximately 1000 bottles.”
As always, don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming. (Especially if you have over 1000 bottles in your current collection, and need help polishing off a few…)
∙ Listing: 10 Hastings Terrace (6/6.5) – $11,750,000 [Betty Brachman] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Jason

    It’s right up behind Zarzuela, off Hyde north of Union. It’s in the middle of the block bounded by Filbert, Union, Hyde & Leavenworth.

  2. Posted by 49Giants

    It’s ugly. I want it.

  3. Posted by 1swellfoop

    they photoshoped out the 10 story tall apartment building behind it.
    I just can’t figure out where the garage could possibly be. there is no drive way at all. just a long staircase leading up to the house.

  4. Posted by realtor

    The driveway is accessible through the neighbor’s garage (easement) and leads to the house’s 4-car garage. Hydraulic lift parking, 2 up, 2 down.
    Funny how half the real estate community struggled to get up those stairs since the elevator wasn’t being used.

  5. Posted by kate

    Ooooh, but have you seen the other side of it? I checked out the website. And, I have some inside scoop on the digs… a friend of mine got an e-vite to a preview showing this Sunday. I think the hours were 2-4 PM. Elevator? I will be there in my Manolos. Who’s the 49 that thinks it’s ugly?

  6. Posted by Snark17

    “Rich and creamy inside, cheap and ugly outside.”
    –Which cookie commercial was that?? I forget.

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