75 Miraloma Drive
After six months on the market (this time), 75 Miraloma Drive is now advertising “Will be rented by aug 1 last chance to purchase!” That’s seven days and counting. And no, we don’t know if it’s “the big hurt” who will be signing up for another season assuming it doesn’t sell.
75 Miraloma: Not A Lot Of Depth (Although Wide And Tall) [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by anon

    I’m no expert on this neighborhood of SF, but that seems like a lot of house for 2 mil. Anyone know if it has any problems?

  2. Posted by cd

    I love the location, and I think its quite pretty – I mean bordering St Francis’s many different styles of homes, this isnt too bad. I like that one Hollywood redo of a house in Ingelside terrace facing Junipero Serra.
    I agree w a previous comment – dont know why the living and kitchen werent put downstairs to extend the entertainment to the outside patio.
    Technically two flights of stairs to get to the kitchen. And I dont remember being able to get into the garge from inside the house.
    This was orignially an empty lot. I drive by every day and even when I looked at the open house I didn’t park in front of the driveway because you cant see and no one can see you. I dont know where your guests will park.
    I might like it if I was a teenager – because there is a set of stairs behind the house that will serve well for late-night galvanting.

  3. Posted by anon

    It’s a nice house and it’s not as gaudy as it seems. But when you look at the neighbors houses across the street (sorry), you wonder why this house is over $2MM.

  4. Posted by John

    There are other houses in the neighborhood sold for over 2MM recently. It is not about the price, it is about the style.
    The problem is the style of this house is totally different from the neighborhood, and certainly has some design problems.
    As cd said, there is no way to get to the main house from the garage directly. It is two flights of stairs to get to the kitchen (imaging your weekly shoppings).
    The view is great, especially from the upper two floors. Maybe that’s why the kitchen and living room are located on the 2nd floor instead of the ground floor. However, it used some cheap materials for the interior. For example, I think the floor is engineered wood instead of hard wood (can someone confirm that? That was my impression when seeing the open house)
    If I were the architecture for the lot, I would use a more traditional style, have a two-floor L-shaped design so the living room/kitchen are located on the ground floor and connected to the garage.

  5. Posted by cd

    PS – BTW – the house across the street is also for sale – has anyone seen it?

  6. Posted by anon

    Price is 1.75M.

    Personally, I have not seen it.

  7. Posted by in the neighborhood

    We call it the “fake house” and everyone knows exactly what we’re referencing. I took my sister to see it at an open (it’s kind of like rubber necking a car wreck – it serves no purpose but you just can’t resist. Although I suppose it could be a teaching moment for your kids: here’s what drunk driving/greed & bad architecture will get you…) and she said “It’s like half a house”!
    No, there is no dumb waiter or other entry from the garage.
    And that blind turn it’s positioned on is the 43 Masonic line.
    But you could hold your own personal drum circle by using the hollow stair wall and entry columns. I’m sure it would echo out to the Farallons!

  8. Posted by citicritter

    To the first poster above, “does anyone know if it has any problems?” Yeah I do: its a bombastic neo-pomo slightly repackaged suburban McMansion!

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