As you know, we’re suckers for walls of windows, big views and perhaps a big orange garage door (the mahogany cabinets aren’t too shabby either).

But while the $2.385 million listing for 339 Cumberland notes a “stunning exterior designed by award-winning architect,” it doesn’t actually note who that architect might be.  Readers?

UPDATE: Once again, a “plugged-in” reader nails the question (the architect is Michael Harris) and adds some great color and background as well.

8 thoughts on “Windows, Views and a Big Orange Garage Door”
  1. The architect is Michael Harris (see for his site). This is one of two side by side houses he designed back in the late 80’s, one of which he lived in (and may still live in). He designed my brother’s house (which he no longer lives in) in Los Gatos. This house has one of the best views in the city, in my opinion.

  2. studying the pics, this is the house next door (on the right from the street) to the architect’s house — it is on Michael Harris’s website as Harris/Foster house. His house has an amazing roof deck accessed by a sliding skylight over the stairway, so you push a button on the landing and just walk on up. I am a fan.

  3. I live in the neighborhood and always admired this house.
    From property records it appears that Mr. Harris was the original owner If I’m not mistaken. The listing agent lives 2 doors down the street, owning the only double lot in the whole area. I’d love to buy his house.
    About 3-4 years ago a lot of work was done on the front yard, and obviously some on the inside. The price does seem like a teaser, though I need to see the inside. Ceiling height seems a bit lowish.

  4. There’s so much good real estate porn on this site today, that I’m having an REO-gasm.
    It’s one thing to plug in. It’s another thing to plug in and turn on!

  5. I’ve been inside this amazing home several times. The owners have spectacularly updated the kitchen and baths. Most strikingly, they’ve selected a rare, vertically grained, African mohogony which accents each of the public rooms. The photos just don’t do it justice, but it is open this weekend.

  6. The real estate agent does live a couple of houses away and seems to sell most of the homes on the block and in the area. He recently sold one on Sanchez, and as I recall the one across the street, too.

  7. Well, I may just be an Okie down in the bible belt, but this here lovely article and nifty pictures of the Harris House allow me to at least dream that, I, too, “live two doors down” and “know the guy who built it”…or that I could spot this house in any random “guess this house” ad. But, in reality, I will soon press exit, meet my 3 inch memory foam atop my king size garage-sale- find mattress, and hope that a most lovely dream will ensue this fine evening, where I shall meet the likes of you fine people, give hugs and say hello, and converse as to how such beautiful architecture comes from the likes of us humans…I should hope to chat with God, as well, and learn more about the position of design in God’s mind, as I know it ranks high, but just how high. Design is a most beautiful expression of one’s soul, and if I can’t actually make the stuff for myself, I shall be thankful for this site and others like it, where I can at least go picture jumping and live there, if but just a moment. But, first, one more cleansing breath atop the balcony of 339 Cumberland Street…ttfn

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