Fifteen months ago we snapped a picture of 2626 Sutter and wrote: “Three weeks ago 2626 Sutter was just another “renovated” property with fresh paint, sloping floors, and a price tag destined to land it in the RealRecentReductions archive. Today it’s a burned out shell. Our first thought? We hope nobody got hurt. Our second thought? Well, let’s just say it was probably the same as yours.
Well, Matier and Ross are now reporting that the house is owned by embattled San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew. And anybody who’s “plugged-in” shouldn’t be too surprised by the following: “[In November 2005] Jew put the two-story house on the market for $1.19 million, but it didn’t sell. The property was still vacant and available in February 2006, when, according to the Fire Department, an arsonist set it ablaze in the dead of night, causing $260,000 in damage. A Fire Department incident report said the arsonist apparently walked through an unlocked door, doused the den and living room with gasoline, and set the place on fire.”
From Flip To Flames? [SocketSite]
Another house’s hazy history haunts supervisor [SFGate]

3 thoughts on “2626 Sutter: Little Did We Know (Or Perhaps We Did)”
  1. Looks like Mr Jew is fairly dirty. in all sorts of ways…[Removed by Editor
    My take on this is that the Arson of the Jew building should get a much closer look now, cause I would be pissed if I lived next door and my fire insurance just went up.

  2. Is there no end to the Ed-Jew dog and pony show ? The stuff that keeps showing up about this man- he lives in Burlingame, claims he showers at the flower shop, committed insurance fraud by claiming to live in SF relative to his SF job but actually living in Burlingame, on and on. It’s astonishing. As if we don’t have real issues in this city.

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