Yahoo Foreclosure Center: Example Listing
Earlier this week Yahoo unveiled its online “Foreclosure Center.” Or more perhaps more accurately, a marketing center for RealtyTrac (and other Yahoo partners), a subscription to which is required in order to access any detailed property information.
Based on a search in the Yahoo Foreclosure Center we learn that there is a five bedroom, three bath house somewhere on Marina Boulevard that’s headed for public auction at some point with an “estimated bid amount [of] $2353259.” That’s compared to a search on PropertyShark which reveals that the property is located at 755 Marina Boulevard, it’s due to be auctioned on 4/11/07 at 2:00PM (on the steps of City Hall), and that $2,353,259 is actually the unpaid balance. Oh, and PropertyShark also notes the contact information for both the trustor and trustee.
Of course if you’re “plugged-in” to SocketSite you also know that 755 Marina Boulevard is currently on the market for $5,597,000 and has been refinanced six times since 1999. We’re just saying.
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