940 Duncan #D307
A “plugged in” reader notes the “extreme marketing” for 940 Duncan Street #D307 in Diamond Heights. We note some nice photography, a great use of space (not to mention a handy floor plan), and a relatively low maintenance fee of $393 per month.
∙ Listing: 940 Duncan Street #D307 (1/1) – $497,000 [] [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Nice unit but I have been in that building many times and it’s fairly dark and unattractive. Diamond Heights is also out of the way and really foggy. The Safeway close by is nice though!

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    Kudos to the agent. The photography & staging are wonderful. Looks like twice the price!

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    Great staging but upon a second look, the kitchen needs some updating esp the cabinets, appliances and counter top… Beautiful pics though.

  4. Posted by Anonymous

    This would win an award at apartment therapy. What a great job on what would normally be a very ordinary unit. The photography is excellent and the unit is very seductive.

  5. That place looks nice for the price; and it even has, just barely, windows on more than one side. Hello, people, many of us here can’t afford to spend more than HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, can you understand that!?
    You want fairly bright and attractive, centrally located and sunny? Sure — just double your price point.

  6. Posted by Anonymous

    I like the artwork on the black wall.

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    based on the floor plan, the kitchen is a really weird layout. The fridge is located at the front door beside the entryway closet entirely outside the kitchen! How can you cook like this?

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    for $497k you can afford to eat out.

  9. Posted by Edla

    I live in Diamond Heights Village; it’s not out of the way–10 min. max. by transit to: West Portal, Inner Sunset, Glen Park, Noe Valley, Castro. It’s foggy, but air is very fresh; there are no streetpeople. It’s quiet and green like the suburbs, with the joys of the city at the bottom of the hill. I find it to be the best of both worlds, and I love it up there. And DHV has a heated outdoor pool that’s resort living 24/7. Plenty of parking too.

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