108 Stanyan
A “plugged in” reader reports (and recommends): “Went and checked this out (I live across the street), excellent value, and you get 2 car tandem plus 1 in the driveway.” As always, don’t forget our invitation to the housewarming. And let’s not forget to invite our reader (and your new neighbor) as well.
Don’t worry about our invitation to the housewarming on this one, but let’s definitely extend one to our reader – and your new neighbor – if this happens to be the one for you.
∙ Listing: 108 Stanyan (2/2) – $799,000 [108stanyan.com] [MLS]

10 thoughts on “A “Plugged In” Reader Recommends: 108 Stanyan”
  1. Run of the mill, no viking or thermador, i didn’t take a close look at the cabinets, they might be semi-custom. The quartz countertops were nice. It seemed above flipper-quality for sure.

  2. Isn’t this on a really busy street? What about the demolition of the Coronet? How is that going to affect the neighborhood? I heard there was a big stink over the conversion of the Coronet to some senior center. Something about the height of the building and the lack of parking space….

  3. I wouldn’t pay this much to live in this part of town. Better to rent for a bit and wait for prices to come down in better areas.

  4. They are going to break ground supposedly at the end of this month, and go up to the C. It will affect mostly the people who live on the cul-de-sacs off anza. That didn’t stop someone paying 150k over asking for 65 almaden listed at 1,149,000, which wasn’t that great inside.

  5. I do seem to recall a duplex quite close by though that sat for months. I believe it was on Parker and Anza. Right next to USF campus. maybe it was overpriced…

  6. Stanyan has never been (and never will be) a coveted street. It is very busy and this unit is virtually one block from Geary. Not a great location.
    The kitchen is nice but the master bath is faded pink tile and needs big bucks, but it does have two car parking.

  7. I agree that Stanyan isn’t your ideal street (noise,traffic), but for as location not being great I tend to disagree. You have the Koret Center to work out at a couple blocks away ($600 a year), Rossi Park to play tennis/hoop/softball/relax, walking distance to GG park, minutes from the 38 to go downtown, walk to California catch the 1 go to north beach, also all the restaurants on geary/clement, easy access to the Presidio, also you don’t have to call to catch a cab (flag one down on geary usually within 5-10 mins top). Most weekends I don’t even have to drive. For me those outweigh the noise and traffic. I drive down Fell/Oak everyday and notice in NOPA properties going up for sale being sold (including condos on stanyan btw Fulton/Fell, which tend to sell rather quickly). Personally I would much rather live on Stanyan than either of those streets.

  8. Nice unit, shows well, cute area, less than perfect street. Realtor here. And I hear through the grapevine that it received 10 offers and almost hit a million bucks! No joking.
    Inventory is low and buyers are motivated to buy. San Francisco is a unique markeet in that there is relatively low inventory especially outside of new condos in mid/high rise buildings.

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