BIG HOUSE studios: Kitchen
At first blush, $3,750,000 for a one-bedroom might seem a wee bit over the top. (Yes, even in San Francisco.) But this isn’t just any one bedroom, it’s the 8,200 square foot BIG HOUSE studio. It’s one hell of a live/work space. Or at the very least, a bachelor car collector’s dream come true (think indoor parking).
∙ Listing: 1417 15th Street (1/2.5) – $3,750,000 [Zephyr] [Virtual Tour]
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9 thoughts on “Picture This: One Big One-Bedroom”
  1. Wow, potential galore here. In ten years, when my SOMA TIC appreciates enough, I want a big ol’ loft (not this huge). It looks lofty even though it’s not described like that. Love it! I’d be in heaven.

  2. Annon @ 10:12:
    When your SOMA TIC appreciates in 10 yrs, won’t the price of lofts appreciate too? (The one thing you have is 10 yrs of equity minus seller’s fee @ 6%.)
    I’ve never understood how appreciation helps, unless you cash out or move to a cheaper city.

  3. dunno2much:
    you don’t understand: he’ll use his “appreciated” TIC as a 5% downpayment for the LOFT. That’s how the bubble works…….

  4. I don’t think lofts appreciate at the same rate, but not sure about that. Isn’t the potential buyer pool for lofts smaller? I thought more people wanted more “normal” layouts. I’m not a real estate person, it was just an idea. And I’m a “she.” Thanks for your insights though.

  5. Not sure what the deal is with this property is, but it’s been on the market a Ton O times before. Sometimes for more than several months.
    Sure it’s cool, but i always wonder when you see a property that keeps changing hands in a short period of time (relatively short that is)…what the deal is.

  6. Call me synical, but looks fishy to me.
    Has anyone ever heard of “Big House Studio” before? Their website immediately looked like a fake site to drum up business for the “coolness” of this loft (read: add on a few more million because we’re “hip”). Like, what’s up with the LA-esque threesome selling BigHouse coffee? COFFEE? Purveyor of fine coffees AND a photography studio?

  7. The BigHouse coffee picture is so obnoxious I have been emailing it to my friends for laughs. Why are San Franciscans looking more like L.A. Westsiders, while the L.A. people I know are looking more and more like hipsters from Hayes Valley? I wish I was born earlier and could have lived in San Francisco in the 70’s. The money is ruining this city.

  8. “Why are San Franciscans looking more like L.A. Westsiders…”
    No, no, no, the BigHouse coffee picture is very SF. A yuppie guy in an apparent menage a trois with a blonde in a negligee and heels, and with a transgendered woman. They probably are having a relaxing moment before heading out to Power Exchange.
    Not sure what coffee or the loft have to do with the pic. Though an 8000 square foot loft with only one bedroom would be perfect for a polyamorous group.

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