26 Samoset Street: Kitchen
Okay, so it’s a relatively small three-bedroom (950 sqft) with only one bath. And the views do appear to be more “tree” than “city.” But it is a single-family home in Bernal, it does appear to exhibit “pride of ownership” (and a nice stove), and it is listed at $699,000.
∙ Listing: 26 Samoset Street (3/1) – $699,000 [MLS]

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  1. Posted by Former Lurker

    I’ve got no stake in this, but I lived nearby for 10 years, and Samoset and environs is a pleasant, if out-of-the-way, little neighborhood. The view you’re seeing through the palm fronds is to the north, and that’s one of Bernal’s 2 nicer views. The 67 bus bites, but you can’t have everything.

  2. Posted by Anna

    My first reaction was, “950 SQUARE FEET???!!!” but there are certainly condos that size at that price…and I’d take a SFH over a condo anyday. Plus, Bernal’s a great, up and coming area. I’d love to take the quality of the listing at that price point as a sign that there are better things to come on the market! Oh, and I don’t have any vested interest in this either.

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    The exterior of the house is not the greatest. yuck!

  4. Posted by Eddy

    I’m surprised that these places get over 700 psf, but then again, I’m always shocked at this statistic. That said, if I were going to give any place in Bernal over 700psf it would have to be in this type of condition. I think it’s a great property, and I actually like the exterior. Clean and easy to fix up.

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