212 Edgewood (Image Source: 212edgewood.com)
A renovated Arts and Crafts home on a quaint street; French doors galore, decks with views, and redwood trees out back; and plenty of voyeuristic goodness for all. Oh my…
∙ Listing: 212 Edgewood Avenue (4/2.5) – $3,495,000 [212edgewood.com]

10 thoughts on “Got (An) Appointment?”
  1. Nice real estate porn! You can feel like you live on Mount Tam. without fighting the G.G. bridge traffic. It is also nice to see a house that is not afraid to reflect comfort vs. straight design. It looks like someone actually lives here which is a nice change.

  2. Edgewood happens to be one of the single most beautiful streets in SF. As we speak all the plum trees are in bloom–quite a sight, along with the spectacular views and beautiful homes.

  3. Hmmm, a non staged house usually means the owner is asking for the sky and the moon. They have no intention of spending any money on selling it because they don’t think it’s going to sell at anywhere near the price they are asking.
    And a quick search looks like the place is 2300 square feet, though who knows if it’s out of date: the listing agent conveniently forgot to list it.
    Just south of $1500 psf in that location? Would any one pay that for that location, pretty street or not? Seems like a long shot, but I’m not familiar with the street.

  4. tipster – many upper end homes are “permanently staged” by virtue of the owner hiring an interior decorator. and if a property presents well, which i think this one does, then i wouldn’t read too much into the fact that it’s “non staged”.
    as far as “asking for the sky and the moon”, chances are that happened prior to the house hitting the mls in order to reduce the risk of a stale or reduced listing.

  5. I wrote about this neighborhood before in that I always bring out of town guests to these hillside streets as I think they are the most charming in the city. I think what is refreshing about this house is that it is a home, not some staged design statement. Expensive or not, it is very charming and a nice change for the eyes from all of the sleek slick SOMA boxes.

  6. This neighborhood is gorgeous but, come on…they are asking Pac Heights prices (and beyond) without the amenities of Pac Heights. I agree with tipster–unstaged home–asking the sky and moon. And, if you look on zillow.com, this home was bought for 1.5 m in 1999. There is no way the renovations cost almost 2m. The owners can drop the price down a bit.

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