946 Stockton #6F (un-staged)

Perhaps they’re simply shooting for that “lived in” look. Or perhaps they’re just trying to keep it real. In either case, the listing caught a reader’s (and our) attention. And there’s definitely no staging or photoshopping happening here (we hope).

∙ Listing: 946 Stockton #6F (2/1.5) – $599,800 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    wow- while it is not necessary to stage each listing, it would just be common sense to tidy up the place before taking photos!

  2. Posted by etslee

    That’s hilarious! But also refreshing to see something besides the usual “Z Gallerization” staging.

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    What the…Are they being funny? If so, I don’t get it. And I thought I had a great sense of humor.

  4. Posted by SeeHsee

    It’s frightening enough to squeeze 2 bedrooms and one and a half baths into less than 800 square feet. It’s even more disturbing to live in such tight quarters and not be somewhat tidy.
    This is a very strange building and I am nearly 100% sure is on leased land. Note, too, that it does not have parking yet is a fairly modern building. Interesting given recent threads about whether parking is essential or not downtown.

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    I love it! It is fantastic to show all the sides (and levels) of the real estate market.

  6. Posted by tipster

    It doesn’t say that it is, but I suspect it’s a rental and the tenant decided not to assist his or her landlord in selling the place to someone who would evict him.
    So the tenant was in no mood to expend any effort to make the place more appealing.
    Of course, the tenant has the right to prohibit photos altogether, but it’s so much better to have unappealing photos up. Cuts down on the showings.

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    I know of the building — it is very close to the entrance of the Stockton tunnel. I thought a lot of elderly Chinese folks with money lived there. There is no parking because there are offices and businesses in the basement area of the building.
    This is utilitarian, not luxury, living in a convenient location. The HOA fees aren’t outrageous so you probably don’t get a doorman.

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    Did they leave their medication on the coffee table? This is fantastic! Thanks for posting this as it shows that in a high rise, you never know what is going on above or below you.

  9. Posted by nony

    When the price for this place drops to 580 you should post with the title
    “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

  10. Posted by Salarywoman

    All that stuff there suggests a story. But it’s not a happy one. I get a feeling that something sudden and unpleasant happened to the owner. Perhaps it’s because the photos remind me of crime scene shots.

  11. Posted by Former Lurker

    Or perhaps it’s a tenant saying “Trying to sell my home out from under me, are you?”

  12. Posted by Lori Matthews

    This is definitely a tenant situation. It looks better than the place that I bought that was tenant occupied. I could barely set foot in the bedroom because there was so much crap in it. Good thing I could see past the junk.

  13. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    For only 600K, this cozy home could be ALL yours!! Bathrobe and blanket pictured are included.
    OMG, LMAO!!

  14. Posted by Snark17

    This place has been sitting on the market for a while now– I wonder why?

  15. Posted by Anonymous

    The only thing missing from the pictures is the tenant laying on the couch watching “Maury”.
    The editors at “Dwell” would hyperventilate over this layout!

  16. Posted by Anonymous

    I don’t want to upset anyone, but it’s probably no accident that photos of the bathrooms aren’t posted.

  17. Posted by Annonymous

    Here are a few reasons why this may not be selling, besides the incredible condition’s displayed in the photos…at 744 sq. feet for 2 bedrooms it must be very cramped, the building is on leased land, there is no parking, and it is in the heart of Chinatown which although it has many good restaurants and is a tourist attraction, probably isn’t a neighborhood of first choice for many residents in SF (crowded, dirty and noisy)

  18. Posted by silvia

    how nasty is that? yuck

  19. Posted by Lori Matthews

    Reduced to $585K …

  20. Posted by K

    WOW! Although I’d like to say that’s the worst I’ve seen, I actually saved a photo to my hard drive I was in such shock, from a loop-net listing of a wharehouse in the mission that had a photo with graphiti all over the walls and a sweatshirt laying on the ground next to someone’s vomit.

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