300 Sea Cliff: Upper level floor plan
After a brief respite, the infamous 300 Sea Cliff Avenue is back on the market. Official statistics now reflects 5 days on the market, while the unofficial tally is closer to four years (originally listed on 1/13/03). Still no reductions in price.
In fact, after being newly stuccoed and remodeled (“new top floor master wing”), the asking price has been increased $2,400,000. So much for waiting another year or two to see if they’ll knock a little something off the top.
∙ Listing: 300 Sea Cliff Avenue (5/5.5) – $25,900,000 [Alain Pinel] [MLS]
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4 thoughts on “Another Chance At (For?) The Captain’s House (300 Sea Cliff Ave)”
  1. For 26 million, this guy could spring for a decent website to market the property…and at least come prepared.

  2. Enough with the DOM. Anyone qualified buyer for a house like this would have the DOM as the last thing on their mind.
    Whether it’s 5 days on the market or 1000 days on the market, it’s still $25,900,000.

  3. It looked better in brick than stucco! Definitely not an improvement.
    [Editor’s Note: As we wrote last April, “Post stuccoing “artists rendering” of 300 Sea Cliff has been added to the listing (thanks Damion). The first thing we’d do if we bought this gem? Chip it all right back off.”]

  4. I’m interested in seeing the final product, but asking $2500 a square foot is out of control. Also, I think the decorator made a few really questionable choices in some design aspects. Finally, this house is situated right on a point over the Pacific, which means horrific winds are going to beat down on you almost 24/7/365. Why would you spend big bucks on a house where you can’t even go outside??

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