le blog exuberance: 300 Sea Cliff Avenue
Matt Jalbert of le blog exuberance captures the infamous 300 Sea Cliff Avenue undergoing a “modern” face lift. In Matt’s own words, “I guess no millionaires appreciate that old-school hollow red brick façade. And rather than lower the price, it appears that the sellers decided to update the property to something more palatable to modern tastes.”
Will it work? Stay tuned…
Stuccoing over a $23 million home [le blog exuberance]
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∙ Listing: 300 Sea Cliff Ave – $23,500,000 [MLS]

One thought on “Can’t Sell? Then Stucco!”
  1. I think it will help a little bit, just be sure to choose a color that will be “likeable” to a larger percentage of individuals.

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