Shoreline: Bathroom
The good news: thanks to a tipster, we now have actual interior pictures (not renderings) from Shoreline. The potentially bad news: after the price reductions, there are only two units left.
Shoreline: Kitchen/Living
∙ Listing: 41 Federal #32 (1/1.5) – $835,000
∙ Listing: 41 Federal #33 (2/2) – $1,325,000
The Scoop On The Shoreline (41 Federal) [SocketSite]
Savings At Shoreline (41 Federal) [SocketSite]


7 thoughts on “Shoreline (41 Federal): Images And An Update”
  1. Gorgeous, but much darker than I expected. Is this it? No more pics?
    [Editor’s Note: Okay, since you asked nicely, we’ve added one more (scroll up). And thanks for “plugging in.”]

  2. The last photo is especially telling of the true interior atmosphere of the space. I do not mean to be a critic of the Shoreline in particular, but why do all new condos look the same in San Francisco? As an architect I wonder how the current fashion for the “Poliform kitchen” look will age over time? If you go back only a couple of decades, architects in Northern California were creating unique multi unit developements that tried to take advantage of light and climate of the Bay Area. There really is no different between most of the new “product” being built in “the city” and what is being built in Chicago or any other North American city. That is a shame.

  3. Can the anonymous architect explain a little more about what defines a “poliform kitchen,” and the how it differs in detail and design from what was created “only a couple of decades” ago?

  4. Poliform is a brand (Italian, modern, high-end). If I remember correctly, the Shoreline kitchens are Studio Becker. Not the same in terms of cost, but definitely the same in terms of look (which is what I can only assume the architect was referencing).

  5. We don’t want to stop the “what constitutes unique San Francisco design” thread (it’s great), but we did want to give it a dedicated post. And we hope you won’t mind, but we moved a couple of related comments over to a new home.
    As always, thanks for “plugging in.” And now back to Shoreline…

  6. It is indeed really easy to overanalyze things, too. As someone who’s been in the market (now with just one foot in), Shoreline is easily one of the better products I’ve seen. Poliform, Studio Becker, Sneidero, etc….sure, it melds together and in a decade or so we could easily look back and wonder what was the desing motivation. My mother LOVED her avocado appliances to death at the time they were popular in the seventies and then a number of years later styles and tastes changed and she couldn’t wait to get rid of them. That’s why we REMODEL things.
    I guess I just think you either like it or you don’t, you buy into it or you don’t…

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