Bamboo leads green revolution [SFGate]
“Prices for bamboo flooring range from about $1.99 to $8 per square foot…[and] you get what you pay for. Bamboo can be as soft as fir or harder than maple, depending on when it is harvested. If it is harvested too early, say after three years instead of the preferable five or six, the bamboo will produce an inferior floor…[so] ask the manufacturer for data on the hardness of the wood.”

One thought on “QuickLinks: Don’t Get Bamboozled”
  1. I have had Smith and Fong bamboo flooring for years & here’s what they forget to tell you:
    1. It dents easily. Do not drop anything heavy onto it unless you like chunks missing.
    2. If in an area with water (ie kitchen, bathroom), it will split and warp. Even if you do all the prep work, it will–I had mine reinstalled twice. Now have maple and am happier!
    3. The color is very different from box to box. If you like a uniformity in your coloration, do not buy it.

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