One Rincon Hill meet and greet
Anyone care to report back with the inside scoop? (Were the Gincons flowing freely?)

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  1. Posted by Telegraph Hill Homebody

    I keep waiting for the 1 Rincon team to slip up but they just keep on doing it right. The party gets an A minus. Loss of points for the crowd’s age. I was hoping for more hot 30 something neighbors (call me shallow) but what I got were lots of establishment couples, Armani internationals and even the “active adult” crowd. Tons of chi chi hors d’oeuvres (sp?) and drinks and even a cool logo umbrella for everybody in case it drizzled on the way to the valet. Talk down the neighborhood all you want (and yes the traffic sucked at 6 PM) but if the building is anything like the operation they run getting it built and sold, it is going to be a class act. My only regret: I didn’t get in the first week but hey, I’m in and I’m gonna look out on the world from my little one bedroom on the 53rd floor! Ask me if I’m psyched.

  2. Posted by 1RinconBuyer

    Damn! I couldn’t make it…..So it was an A-, huh?
    I’m sure they’ll throw another one in the near future. It’s a great marketing opportunity for them…

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    The Marketing teams gets an A for marketing the development.
    But is the marketing company the same as the developer? Or are they two separate entities?

  4. Posted by Anonymous

    Two separate entities……the marketing team is Pacific something or other and the developer’s name is Kriozere out of San Diego.

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    Yeah, I missed it too. I wonder if they will still throw in an umbrella when I move in?
    Telegraph Hill…..May I ask what stack you are in? I have a one bedroom on the 25th floor and did not get in the first few weeks either.

  6. Posted by 1RinconBuyer

    You guys shouldn’t be too open about where your condo is located because you never know what kind of nut job might track you down for something you said on this blog…..
    I’m in the 06 stack (2-2 unit) am above the 15th floor and below the 55th.
    I am going to stop by the sales office and see about my umbrella

  7. Posted by Anonymous

    You are right 1RinconBuyer. We should be careful not to disclose what unit we are. Unlike the building I live in now, I guess all you need to know is the stack number and the floor number and you got their unit number. Good point.

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    Perhaps the lack of response for this post is indicative of the number of actual buyers at Rincon that have been commenting on the past topics.

  9. Posted by Anonymous

    “Perhaps the lack of response for this post is indicative of the number of actual buyers at Rincon that have been commenting on the past topics.”
    There are many other possibilities though. For isntance, maybe the attendees don’t know about or regularly visit SocketSite (forgive me for saying that), or maybe there is only a small handful of very vocal buyers.
    I don’t read too much into the lack of responses. Besides, most of the posts too 1Rincon related topics are bashers, not necessarily buyers anyway.

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