Two great catches from the SFHomeBlog (and two interesting offerings from SFGov):
1. With topics including Condo Conversion, Hi-Rises and the Changing San Francisco Skyline, and Tenants-Landlords’ Responsibilities & Realities, “The Department of Building Inspection is offering a FREE all-day slate of seminars on Wednesday, October 25th geared at both the non-professional (read: homeowner) and professional, in what appears to be an effort to educate and build goodwill in the community.” (Complete Seminar Schedule)
2. On December 12, the City and County of San Francisco will conduct a public auction of four properties including the former San Francisco Fire Department Station 4 (1648 Pacific Ave.). Less sexy offerings include a former vehicle storage and maintenance yard (2350 19th Ave.), the former SF Water Dept. administrative offices (425 Mason St.), and a former railroad right-of-way (849 Cesar Chavez St.).
Meet the Department of Building Inspection Pros’ Summit – 10/25 [SFHomeBlog]
Meet The DBI Pros’ Summit Schedule [SFGov]
Auction of City-owned parcels – December 12th [SFHomeBlog]
Public Auction – December 12, 2006 [SFGov]

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