The Potrero
Not to be outdone by The Hayes (“Starting in the $400,000s”), The Potrero (a.k.a. 450 Rhode Island or 451 Kansas) is touting, “New homes in old San Francisco from the low $400,000s” (not to mention a Whole Foods Market, fitness studio, and easy freeway access).
New Condos Starting In The $400,000s? [SocketSite]
The Potrero [451 Kansas]

8 thoughts on “The Potrero (451 Kansas): From The Low $400,000s”
  1. It’s good to see some more new developments in Potrero. I actually think Potrero Hill is underrated due to the bad name the projects gives it (of course I live in the Sierra Heights development in PH so I’m biased). But maybe it’s good that it’s underrated. There’s no where else in SF you can readily find parking.

  2. Not cheap per square foot, really, if the $400,000’s just gets you a studio. But actually a great location. Unlike the south slope of Potrero, the north side of the hill is an easy walk to lots of very good restaurants and neighborhood shops. Plus great views!

  3. I’m not too familiar with the Potrero Hill area. I know that one side has some housing projects, and the other side, I think is somewhat more decent. Can anyone fill me in on the details of the neighborhood? I’d be especially interested in knowing about the neighborhood surrounding this development. Danke.

  4. I just moved to PH about 2 months ago and love it. The funny thing is that I live in the new Sierra Heights development and am literally a block away from the projects. From my understanding, as long as you are North of the projects (which I am), the surrounding area is relatively safe as I never felt uncomfortable walking around. Anything South of the projects is pretty rough.
    If you’re looking on a Google map, the projects are located right where the Potrero Hill Rec Center is.
    The new Potrero development looks like it’s going to be close to the new Whole Foods and relatively far away from the Projects. That new devlopment is also near 18th street which has some pretty fancy restaurants. I’d drop by 18th street to get a flavor of the area. It’s pretty nice.

  5. Yes…but, as always, no REAL info availabe on the website for Potrero. You know, just incidental stuff ya might need like PRICING AND SQ FOOTAGE!!

  6. I work on the North side of Potrero Hill, and a wonderful little neighborhood is developing around here. New restaurants have opened up including the new french one Couleur, and around the circle at Townsend Street there are some new places to eat, including Holy Grill which has pretty good burgers. Of course you have your neighborhood Starbucks here and a newly opened bank. It’s great that the Whole Foods will be moving in. If you take the #22 bus you can also easily get to the Potrero Shopping Center where there’s a Safeway and a 24 Hour Fitness. Up the hill there are some great places to eat where you can get French cuisine, Chinese food, Italian or Moroccan. There also cute little shops, Farley’s coffee, and a local yoga studio on Mariposa. If you’re looking to find a nice community in SF, this is definitely a great one.

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