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There are currently 26 Active listed resale condos in The Beacon. In addition, there are around 25 unlisted units being marketed directly through the sales office. One tipster’s insight:

I was checking out the Beacon today (Sunday) and the new sales manager…was telling me that the [developer] wants to get the remaining 35ish units sold this year [and]…it looks like they’ll throw in upgrades (hardwoods, stainless, etc.) or pre-pay some HOA, or actually do a price reduction, or any combination of those, up to maybe 5% of the current list price. They’re looking for “reasonable” offers – but feel like they “don’t need to give away the store because there’s still plenty of market out there.” They sold 6 in the last couple weeks this way. He also said that buyers aren’t at all wary of the lawsuit.

In total, close to 9% of the condos at The Beacon are on the market and competing for your attention.
Actually, They Were The Second [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by Anonymous

    The HOA’s lawyers filed papers to ask the court to require the plaintiffs to post a $50,000 bond as a security to reimburse the HOA of its legal fees. It looks like the plaintiffs just posted this bond before the court’s ruling.

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    Good, I hope those “people” lose the 50K as they rightfully should.

  3. Posted by Ethics Attorney

    Maybe the same realtor that sells units, offers to represent buyers and then partakes in the lawsuit at this same building is coughing up the $50k.
    Would love to hear the sales pitch!

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