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A week ago, and based on a tip (thank you!), we alerted you to a “Sales Office Shakeup” and soon to be 3% broker commissions over at the Beacon. Guess you could say it’s been confirmed (thanks to another tipster yesterday). And if you’ve been “plugged in” to SocketSite, you were actually the first to know
A Sales Office Shakeup At The Beacon? [SocketSite]

6 thoughts on “Actually, They Were The Second”
  1. Ah but Eddy is ’empowered’ to negotiate a customized package. I will interpret that for you. No reasonable offer will be refused.

  2. yes but it says package of “incentives”, which sounds more to me like applicance upgrades, free HOA for 2 months, instead of price reduction.

  3. 10% unsold x 595 units x average unit price of $700K = $45,000,000 of dead money in a falling market…at least $300K / month in carrying costs.

  4. They are definately negoitating price over there. The sales team said that my client could have any combination of:
    1) Price reduction
    2) Upgrades
    3) Rate Buydowns
    4) HOA dues
    PLUS 3% for me!
    It’s a bottom line thing for them, so if they are willing to take off $x, they don’t care how you apply the credits. Plus it works out better for my client because he can keep the price the same and take a boatload of credits & finance it at the higher price.
    Its VERY different from just a few weeks ago.

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