34 Presidio Terrace (Image Source:
Once one of the “Top Five San Francisco Trophy Homes” (as measured by list price), 34 Presidio Terrace quietly slipped out of the Top 10 this week with a price reduction of $600,000 (5.5%). And while we’d still very much consider it a trophy (and great viewing), did we happen to mention the uberexclusive history of Presidio Terrace?
Top Five San Francisco Trophy Homes [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 34 Presidio Terrace (6/6.5) – $10,400,000 [Joel Goodrich]
Tainted Love Of Presidio Terrace [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by 49Giants

    Good God, that’s a gorgeous building!
    Due to the anti-Asian restriction, I wouldn’t be able to buy then.
    Due to the $10million price tag, I won’t be able to buy now.

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    Hmmm, that sky looks very interesting…

  3. Posted by Lori

    Holy crap, I pay $10MM+ for a house and then I have to pay $2,500 quarterly HOA dues too? Sheesh!

  4. Posted by Anonymous

    If you pay $10M for a house, chances are your utility bills are going to be over $2,500 a month…

  5. Posted by nosy realtor

    Anyone know why Joel and Olivia are now co-listing this?

  6. Posted by Anonymous

    this photo is heavily photoshopped in my opinion. the sky is defenitley fake -they probably replaced a foggy day photo.

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