Looking for new digs? Have an extra twenty million in Google stock burning a hole in your pocket? Match the recent Mega number? If so, then perhaps you’ll want to check out the five most expensive homes currently listed in San Francisco
5. 34 Presidio Terrace ($11m) – Cheapest of the five. The six bedrooms initially had us thinking potential “Google Flophouse”, but with only three parking spaces, probably not enough room for all those Cayennes.
4. 1 Cherry Street ($12.5m) – Over one million more than Presidio Terrace and yet one less parking space (only two total). Parking in San Francisco isn’t easy even if you’re loaded.
3. 2518 Pacific Avenue ($15.5m) – Actually listed at $15,570,000, but we’re willing to bet that you can get them to drop the extra $70,000.
2. 2700 Broadway ($16m) – Let’s just say it’s not likely this property will ever make our list of “Fantastic Facades” of San Francisco.
1. 300 Sea Cliff Avenue ($23.5m) – On the market since 1/13/03. We’d suggest waiting another year or two to see if they’ll knock a little something off the asking.
Regardless of which one you choose, please be sure to tell your agent that the folks at SockeSite sent you. And please don’t forget to send us an invite for the housewarming. Just seems fair.